Your Awesome Content Is Useless, Until…

One of the things I love most about the combination of content marketing with search engine optimization (SEO) is how they work in concert together.

If customers require multiple touch-points with a brand to become aware of it, and they do their online sleuthing long before they make a purchase…. then it makes sense to take control of those touch-points.

Each one is an opportunity to be found and make an impression.

But like a single chocolate chip cookie that never quite seems to be enough, one touch-point–one micro-moment–won’t accomplish anything for you. It won’t convert. It won’t create a reaction of significance. We need to build up a collection of them to make a lasting impression.

Each one also needs to be visible to the right person. SEO does that for you and the cost is nothing compared to the cost of creating content.

Are you creating content that specifically speaks to what they’re looking for? Are you helping them find it at that moment?

Go One Step Further

Creating fabulous content isn’t enough – we need to do a better job of helping them find it, and making sure that content is robust enough to help them make a decision.

If it doesn’t help them in a specific way they find valuable – why bother? It might drive clicks, but there’s nothing happening after that click. They don’t stay on your site and they don’t convert. They don’t come back.

THAT’S the magic of integrating content marketing with SEO.

If you feed them information they need during that research, and optimize it for keywords that fit…. you’re making touch-points that integrate into a larger whole. They’ll be more likely TO CHOOSE YOU when they’re ready to buy.

So how do you sell if content is educational and not promotional? Embed an ad in your blog post selling something relevant to your content.

Ads sell, content educates.

If you need a little help learning how to integrate SEO with your content, grab a copy of my book, Above The Noise. It walks you through some simple ways to get started.

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