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Your Awesome Content Is Useless, Until…

One of the things I love most about the combination of content marketing with search engine optimization (SEO) is how beautifully they work in concert together. It amplifies the content and, if the keyword research phase is done correctly, puts that content squarely in front of exactly the right audience at exactly the right time.

Why invest in content if nobody sees it?

When you’re trying to build awareness and generate leads or sales, most people require multiple touch-points with a brand to take action of any kind, or for that brand to even stick in their mind. Plus, during a purchase process, they do their online sleuthing long before they make a purchase…. so it makes sense to take control of those touch-points and repeat them at every appropriate interval possible.

Using SEO to create intentional touch-points is a fantastic way to build them up in a way that makes sense to the user.

Each one is an opportunity to be found and make an impression.

It’s like a chocolate chip cookie. One is NEVER enough, not even close! I grab three or four, don’t you? If I come across a great piece of content, I tend to read it, then go on with my day. I rarely remember who wrote or provided that piece of content, unless it was particularly extraordinary in some way. I might remember if I come across multiples,  however. I’m not only more likely to remember them, but I’m also more likely to subscribe or convert in some way.

The first piece of content didn’t drive a reaction, but the third, fourth or tenth did. It took that collective reinforcement to build a lasting impression.

The quality and value of that content started something, but repetition created the deeper reaction.


Go One Step Further

Creating fabulous content isn’t enough – we need to do a better job of helping them find it, and making sure that content is robust enough to help them make a decision.

If it doesn’t help them in a specific way they find valuable – why bother? It might drive clicks, but there’s nothing happening after that click. They don’t stay on your site and they don’t convert. They don’t come back.

THAT’S the magic of integrating content marketing with SEO.

If you feed them information they need during that research, and optimize it for keywords that fit…. you create touch-points that integrate into a larger whole. They’ll be more likely TO CHOOSE YOU when they’re ready to buy.


If you need a little help learning how to integrate SEO with your content, grab a copy of my book, Above The Noise. It walks you through a few basics to get started.

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(Originally published Oct. 8, 2016; last updated May 3, 2019)


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