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Well, Ello, Guvna – Is There a New Kid in Town?

Ello Social Media PlatformNew social media platform Ello is touted as an “anonymous Facebook with no ads.” ¬†Popping up in the limelight where thousands of other wanna-be in the majors platforms have failed, is it something to rave about, or do they just have a great PR team?

According to The Guardian, the success of Ello was entirely unplanned. Whoops, but not a bad problem to have, right?

For a laugh, here’s what Jimmy Fallon has to say about it. (Hat tip to them for the “ello, guvna” line. It was just too fun to resist repeating!)

The very fact that it is anonymous might create some surprises, in terms of those suddenly free to spout of whatever political rhetoric they like, spoof any celebrity they want and otherwise wreak all sorts of havoc and mayhem. It will be fun to see the percent of business accounts, personal accounts and misbehavin’ accounts it ends up with.

Website launches that are invitation-only are a fascinating thing to me. Some fail miserably and some take off like a screaming rocket on the Fourth of July, depending on how much brand equity, public relations and marketing back up the play.

The exclusivity teaser approach certainly worked for Mention, Pinterest and Google Plus. (And mulling it over did lead me to read this interesting yet indecisive Forbes article, “When Should a Website Launch As Invite Only?” The comments are worth reading, too).

I fell for it, asking for an invite – so it’s too soon to have an opinion of the new platform. But I will say that I won’t be testing it out as Carrie Morgan; some sort of parenting-teen-related nom de plum is MUCH more likely. I intend to have a little fun with it.

Have you tried it?


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