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Video: Using LinkedIn Company & Showcase Pages for PR

I hope you enjoy this five-minute video talking about my ideas for using LinkedIn showcase pages for audience segmentation and company pages as your newsroom. Let me know what you think!


Using LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages

Hey everybody, this is Carrie Morgan and I thought for quick video topic today we might talk about LinkedIn! I had an interesting workshop yesterday specifically on LinkedIn Company pages and how to use them for PR, and I thought there was some interesting discussion there.

So one of my favorite things about LinkedIn and the company pages are actually showcase pages, because what they are is like child pages for the parent page.

Say you are Microsoft and you have a company page used as an online media room and post all your press releases to it, and you do the occasional business update (because of course LinkedIn is a B2b platform so you don’t want to do consumer related stuff)… If you were Microsoft and you have an audience that is only interested in Excel or Word or PowerPoint, the beauty of showcase pages is that people can follow JUST THE SHOWCASE PAGE of something that they’re interested in without following the parent page.

Say I am a public speaker who uses PowerPoint, and it’s the only Microsoft product that I’m interested in. I  could follow a showcase page for PowerPoint and only see updates related to PowerPoint which is a wonderful thing, because as a company marketer it allows you to segment your audience a little bit.

If you want to reach out and build a community around those PowerPoint users, then a LinkedIn showcase is a wonderful way to do it.

I think a lot of people still aren’t using showcase pages and do not understand what they are. So it is a timely discussion to have and as PR professionals, showcase pages are wonderful for our use because of their ability to segment audience. As a small business example, if I were doing my own social media, I might launch a company page and showcase pages for each individual product or service.

If I wanted to segment my audience underneath that company page, I might have a showcase page just for speaking, where I post updates on upcoming speaking gigs that I have, share videos on something that I just did, post my PowerPoint decks on those speaking gigs, and share updates only related to people’s interest around speaking or the subject relevant to that showcase page.

I also might have a showcase page for agency client work, then share examples of some of the fun things I am doing for my clients. I could also show best practice examples from some of the content that I curate from other social media platforms. But that showcase page would only revolve around specific examples of client work.

Another showcase page but I might have (and I’m digging a little deeper here) might be conferences and workshops that I am giving. You can use showcase pages any way that you want to. You do have to have a company page first, since you cannot create showcase pages without having a parent page to connect them to.

They’re a lot of fun and I think they have a lot of value in terms of segmenting things.

showcase pages are very similar to a company page, and you can customize them, add video and custom images, and more. On the sidebars, you can add custom image,s and you can connect them to LinkedIn groups that you moderate. I have seen people do some pretty interesting things with them!

One of the other things about LinkedIn that we also talked about quite a bit in this workshop the other day was how to use company pages. The top-level thing to keep in mind is that LinkedIn is a business-to-business platform, and it may not fit your typical audience.

Your activity on social media must be business-related, not consumer.

If you’re a consumer-based company – say you sell retail product that is distributed at places like Target or Wal-Mart, then you would not post any kind of consumer related information on that company page. You might post your press releases, corporate news, new hires – things like that are appropriate to a B2B audience.

As a PR professional myself, one of the things I like is using LinkedIn companies pages as a de facto newsroom. So anytime you have a press release, you can certainly post it on your company page.

If you’re a public company, maybe you have new investor information that needs to be shared. That would be great on a Company Page. But you can think of it kind of like a newsroom and you can post things like self-posted videos. Maybe you want to do a quick video and interview some of your product experts within the company; those make great updates on LinkedIn if they are targeting businesses. You can also interview your vendors and do some pretty creative things, depending on what your goal is for LinkedIn is. In reality I urge you to take a fresh look at LinkedIn if you haven’t done so recently, and consider how you can use it as a media room for your clients or you can use showcase pages to build segmented audiences.

I’m starting to do a fresh video series of some fast, down and dirty tricks and tactics. I’m going to try to do them one per week and keep them short – under 5 minutes. I’ll cover topics in social media, content marketing, SEO and things like that.

So I hope you enjoy this and I’ll see you soon!


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