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Driving Social Media Success

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to business pages on Facebook, forethought goes a long way. This is equally important for small AND large businesses.

Don’t just launch your page and randomly post.

A company that:

(1) defines the audience they want to target,

(2) understands their needs/wants and pain points, then

(3) fits their posts and content towards these things


to end up with a more engaged audience, and a MUCH more interesting page.


Driving Engagement for Corporate Transportation

For example:  Say that you own a limo company that caters to traveling corporate executives. The best target audience might not be the most obvious one: the executive.

I’d assume – then verify – that the assistants book travel, not the actual executive.

Therefore, reaching out to them, instead of the c-suite,  could be a very effective strategy.  It puts you in front of the real decision maker for the purchase, plus there is likely to be less competition for their attention.  Less “noise.”

An effective Facebook strategy for the limo company might be to create a Facebook page or group targeting those assistants. It could be a sweeeeeet home run if they did their homework to learn more about their target audience (the admins), then posted content likely to interest them, add value, and get a response.

Your homework

Who are your real customers? How can you find them on Facebook? What can you do socially to provide real value to them?

Take the answers to these three questions, and go build your social media strategy around them.

This applies equally to Twitter and Pinterest – not just Facebook.

Good luck!




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