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Clearing Up The Mystery: Does Google Allow Links in Press Releases?

PHoebe The Cat in the CrockpotIt’s been almost a year since Google revamped its quality guidelines specific to press releases.

Misinformation is everywhere. Many people have taken the guidelines out of context or jumped to the wrong conclusions – even making assumptions based on headlines or partially read articles, then writing posts, updates and tweets that perpetuate the wrong information.

Yikes! Who wants to end up in the hot seat by doing it wrong?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Can I include links in my press release? 

Absolutely! Just keep them relevant to your press release and use them carefully.

Each hyperlink should add value to the end reader or media in some way. If they are placed with the intention of elaborating on the story you are telling in the release or they provide additional factual information, your links are probably beneficial.

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