A Modern, Sophisticated Approach
to Improving Conversion

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Are you struggling to get results from your content?

So many are struggling to get results from their content… and a big part of that issue is knowing what to write. We’re guessing and brainstorming topics and working from assumptions, instead of data. 

We think we’re creating content for our audience, instead of the brand (68%)… but the statistics say we’re not quite there yet.

If you’re not sure your content is working, if you think it might be too generic, or if you’re struggling to convert website traffic into something useful, I can help. Sometimes, it just takes pulling in someone with the right expertise to achieve the results you want.

My name is Carrie Morgan. I’m a keyword analyst, and I help brands understand what their audiences are looking for online, then connect that search activity to the products and services they sell. It’s a research-driven process that defines the content you need to create based on data, not assumptions.

Even more importantly, I ensure you know exactly how to integrate that data into your content, so it’s more likely to bring warm leads to your website that are ready to convert – instead of generic traffic that isn’t really interested in what you have to offer. It completely aligns their interests with yours, so conversion is a natural step.

If your content hasn’t improved much since last year and stronger conversion is a priority, click the button below for details. This will drastically improve your results.


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