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Social Media Integration

Social media creates your branding. Your reputation.

And I want to help you succeed. Entrepreneur, SMB or enterprise, I’ve done it all.

I’ve handled product launches and brand development for companies like she{ology}, a wonderful women’s leadership start-up, all the way up to creating a LinkedIn presence for one of the largest non-profit associations in Arizona and community manager for the largest senior fitness brand in the world.

No matter what you need, I can help you move the needle. I know exactly what it takes to build social influence, visibility and credibility.

Do I know social media?

I am a Top 1% influencer, a Top %5 LinkedIn user, a blogger syndicated by the largest marketing publications in the United States, a co-moderator of the country’s largest local Facebook group for PR professionals, and a past moderator of one of the largest public relations Twitter chats in the world.

I get social.

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Nonfiction Book Award - Nonfiction Author's Association
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If you:

  • Need relevant content curation
  • Want to grow your audience
  • Need to build up social signals
  • Want more conversation & engagement
  • Are missing a social media strategy
  • Are looking to grow a community
  • Can’t figure out how certain platforms should fit in
  • Want social media optimization for better search visibility
  • Need integration across PR/marketing
  • Aren’t sure which social outlets are best for your business
  • Just need strategy, education and minor supervision
  • Are willing to go deeper than a pre-approved calendar of posts

… then we might be a great fit. Just keep in mind that I only offer social media as part of a larger retainer that wraps in content marketing and SEO. I use it to grow traffic and reach.

I don’t offer retainers in stand-alone social media services, although I do work with companies on strategies for their internal teams to implement.

Contact me using the phone or email icon at the top of the page if you’d like to chat.