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Snack on This: Leveraging Audience

Frozen - Leveraging AudienceYet another Cinderella movie is in the works for Disney – hopefully with a fresh, modern perspective wrapped in to make it different from the others. At least it’s not animated. But what makes this interesting from a PR perspective?

Wait for it………. it’s BRILLIANT.

Leveraging the millions of little girls who were captivated by the movie Frozen and still obsess over it over fifteen months later – buying millions of dollars in merchandise and making it the top selling 2014 Halloween costume – a ticket to see Cinderella ALSO gives you access to Frozen Part Deux, in the form of a short animated film called Frozen Fever.

The only way those kids can see Frozen Fever is to buy a ticket to Cinderella. Why do I love this so much? Disney is leveraging the existing audience devoted to Frozen to drive traffic, reach and awareness for another movie that targets the same audience and might have lukewarm reaction. LOVE it.


So – the thought I leave you with is this: how can YOU leverage an existing audience or an owned media asset to accomplish a new PR goal?

(Related – this @DailyDot post is an interesting read about how the movie Frozen changed Disney’s stance on copyright infringement.)


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