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Snack on This: Goals, Agendas & Secrets in Social Media

Goals, Agendas & Secrets in Social MediaI have secrets. Big ones that dominate my life every single day. They aren’t juicy or scandalous, but they are something I can’t share outside of close friends for family privacy reasons.

I’m one of those kind of people that can’t lie worth a damn and doesn’t really keep secrets of my own. I blurt out everything.

I do keep the occasional stash of chocolate hidden from my kids – which comes out into the open if they are smart enough to ASK if I have one – and I do tend to not tell people that because I work so much, my housekeeping usually leaves something to be desired. I’d also rather write something than clean house or do yard work – but I wouldn’t say those are secrets.  When I think of secrets, I think of something bigger. Something the person holding the secret REALLY doesn’t want to come out into the open.

Agendas can be seen that way, too, but they shouldn’t be interpreted as a bad thing. (Well, unless their agenda IS something bad. Duh.) 

In a business setting, I prefer to think of them as unspoken goals.

I caught a tweet the other day that criticised influencers for being semi-transparent and having an agenda. But don’t we all have an agenda on social media? It might be brand visibility and engagement, or it might be growing an audience for a personal brand…. but we all have agendas.

Yesterday, a very smart woman in my Above The Noise Facebook group (email me if you want in) said…

“To me a goal is the “what” and the agenda is the “why”. That is to say, if your goal is to increase market share by 25%, your agenda could be to become the dominant market leader for your industry.”

Good stuff, right? Her name is Robyn Itule and you can connect with her here.

What’s your agenda? Does it fit into a defined strategy?


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