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Optimized PR. It’s like peanut butter and jelly – mac and cheese.

Public Relations is evolving and expanding, as the social landscape continues to change how people communicate and share information. SEO + PR integration is critical for online visibility in today’s digital environment.

Byline articles posted online, press release pick-ups on news feed sites, blog posts, social media, Pinterest and Instagram – all of these things contribute to a company’s online presence.  It doesn’t just impact marketing – it impacts PR. And because a large percentage of PR is done online, integrating search engine optimization best practices is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL.

Any PR firm worth their place in the industry is now integrating SEO into ALL of their public relations activity. They know that search plays an essential part in boosting the visibility of their efforts. It also sets us free to grab reach in a way organic efforts have NEVER allowed us to do before.

It’s incredible, like multiplying the power of PR x 10.

Why? Because it launches the power of digital tactics to boost reach.

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I am a Digital PR consultant. 

Therefore, every public relations tactic that I use will integrate SEO, content marketing and social media in some way.

Consider this: keyword research identifies exactly what consumers or business prospects are searching for. It’s like looking into their heads.

New hot trends? They show up in keywords.

Great ideas for articles? Look at keywords.

What people are searching on Google can provide an incredible wealth of information. It’s like free market research – and the payoff can be HUGE if that research is consistently incorporated into your public relations.

I am one of the few digital marketers in Phoenix that integrates SEO into every press release, into every article, and every strategy that I execute. I spend time on keyword research as an essential part of our normal due diligence processes, and integrate SEO best practices into everything I create. Then, I help our clients roll OUR research into what they do – their website, their social media presence, their blog.

It’s called buyer intent keyword research.

Ask me how digital public relations – or optimized PR – can make a difference for YOUR business.

I don’t offer stand-alone media relations or individual press releases

If you’re looking for traditional public relations without the digital component—media relations—then my skills probably aren’t what you need. I can provide a referral, though, so feel free to send me an email or call.

If you’re looking for digital tactics that build your online reputation and visibility leveraging the full spectrum of digital tactics (such as buyer-intent copy that is optimized for search, then shared on social media to expand reach, and supported with backlink-friendly online media coverage? I’m an expert and influencer in this specialty. We should talk. Click or tap one of the icons at the top of the page to connect.