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Say Hello to the New RSQ

Percy the Rock the Status Quo peacock

… and Percy!

We have a new look to our website – more fun, more information, more feathers and more lovely white space!

If you haven’t seen the site since it went live yesterday, head over and check it out! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here are a few quick screen captures, along with our new business card design, but go check out our home page at to surf through the full website.


[metaslider id=8246]


… Perhaps best of all, we’d like to introduce Mr. Percy Plume, our mascot. What better symbol than a peacock to stand for all things bright and beautiful, right? The ultimate in being noticeable!

Which is exactly what we do for our clients – we make them more vibrant and visible online.

I rarely write posts about my company or anything promotional, but I couldn’t resist sharing my excitement about the new website. It’s a nice step forward, and made better every day as more images, client samples and blog posts are added.

Enough about me; more about Percy!!!

Who is Mr. Percy?

He’s very much a flirty, spunky metrosexual kinda bird who’s not ashamed to be a dandy. If he could wear clothes, it’d be spats and suspenders all the way. In fact, he loves all things retro, but only if it’s SO RETRO that it’s actually seventeenth century.

Or maybe the 1920’s. There’s something very appealing about the twenties…

Percy is a boy. Despite the outlandishly long eyelashes and fancy plumage… he’s all male. He’s a peaCOCK, not a peaHEN. He’s liable to spit on you if you refer to him as a “her.” It’s not pleasant.

Percy loves everything steampunk, loves his glorious plumage and is the kind of bird to splurge on Birchbox for Men and manscaping tools at Sephora. He’s a troublemaker and too smart for his own good.

While he hasn’t been knighted by Queen Elizabeth yet, he very much hopes to be. As much as he tried to convince us he is SIR Percy, it didn’t fly.

Expect to hear from Percy in the future. He’s bound to make the occasional appearance on social media. We’ll see what kind of fun we can have. 🙂

Okay, enough of the flights of fancy and bragging about our website. Back to our normally scheduled program!


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