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Say Goodbye to Brand Shaming & Social Media Criticism

Say Goodbye to Brand ShamingOne of the things I love the most about how our industry is changing is that it puts EVERYONE on a level playing field. Every single day, each one of us is learning and testing something new, adding to our personal knowledge base and improving our end results.

Nobody knows it all. It’s just not possible.

Granted, some aren’t heavily focused on learning, BUT MOST ARE. And many companies are making a concentrated effort to hire better talent and improving their activity.

Sometimes, I feel bombarded with negative rants, complaints about poor pitching or media relations skills, and people pilloried because of a public mistake. It’s easy to write about and easy to jump on the  bandwagon. BUT NO MORE.  It doesn’t matter if it is an individual or a company who should know better. Let it go, ignore it or see how you can transform it into something positive.

I won’t take part in shaming and I hope you won’t, too.


This year, I am focusing on positive energy and letting go of negativity. Yes, I slip with a grumble or minor rant here and there, and am guilty of holding on to a few resentments but, for the most part, I think I’m doing a pretty good job. And isn’t it fun to surround yourself with positive, energizing people? I love the difference it makes.

Since we become like those we surround ourselves with, it’s more than okay to walk away from those who bring you down. Life and business coaches Dena Patton and Robyn McKay taught me that. 

And when I see it happening? I’m going to speak up about how wrong it is.


Let’s Make It Contagious.

What instigated my post? It’s been percolating in my head for a few months, but then today happened.

I stumbled on a Twitter conversation between Amber Naslund and  CC Chapman this morning about not hitting the publish button on negative, critical posts. It was WONDERFUL.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone did that? If everyone turned their frustrations into an opportunity to be positive? To grow from others’ actions instead of joining the mob? Every social change starts with just a few people putting their foot down.  Like Martin Luther King, who we celebrated yesterday. ANYONE can drive change. Will it be you?

Check out the full conversation here.



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