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Remembering #PRprochat

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A memory popped up on my Facebook feed today for #PRprochat, a digital PR Twitter chat that I ran for years, in an effort to spread digital skills to the PR professionals looking to expand their skills, and as a tactic to build audience prior to my Above The Noise book release in 2016.

A lifetime ago.

(See the “best of” transcripts here.)

I was fortunate enough to land amazing guests, make friends I still have today, and hit reach numbers that boggled my mind. BUT. It didn’t grow conversion. It was one of the biggest disappointments of my career that I could become a Top 1% influencer in Digital PR, yet it didn’t grow my subscriber list the way I’d hoped, and it didn’t sell books.

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Even when the book came out and won two awards, it didn’t get the support I’d expected from my fan base.

I learned a hard lesson. Even if you follow every “best practice” and invest YEARS in building audience, it doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t convert that influence into revenue.

I’m almost ready to start working on book number two. I won’t be using Twitter as a platform this time, I’m thinking Discord. We’ll see. But it will be different this time.

Marketers who say you should give everything away and provide value, value, value aren’t wrong – but to be successful at conversion, we need to master sales skills, too. It’s essential to connect those dots if the KPIs are revenue.  It’s also the path to being a much better marketer.


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