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Discover how my conversion-based, relevant content marketing can deliver a stronger ROI for your budget.

Discover how my conversion-based, relevant content marketing can deliver a stronger ROI for your budget.

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Are brands using content marketing?

B2B: Yes
B2B: No
B2C: Yes
B2C: No

Brands are spending more of their marketing budget on content and SEO than ever before. It’s a priority for those focused on growth of website traffic and conversion.

An impressive 91% of business-to-business marketers and 86% of business-to-consumer marketers are using content marketing. They intend to grow their spend next year.

But that’s not the full story.

A stunning percent of marketers are not finding success. They’re struggling with strategy, targeting and metrics.

They just aren’t sure how to align their content with the right audience, and leverage it to boost conversion. They don’t know how to use it to shorten a sales process and improve quality of leads.

I can help. As The Relevancy Specialist, I help companies define their audience to improve conversion and traffic.

How successful are B2B brands with their content?

  • Only 4% Are Very Successful
  • 20% Are Extremely Successful
  • 53% Are Moderately Successful
  • 21% Are Minimally Successful
  • 2% Are Not At All Successful

Relevant Content = Better Outcomes

When companies invest in content marketing and search engine optimization, relevancy ensures that spend is bringing in the right audience. As The Relevancy Specialist, my content is tightly aligned with your specific target audience, so it brings warm leads to your website that are prequalified by what they’re searching for.

My three-step process of Learn > Align > Optimize ensures we create exactly the right content to convert, and that it’s easily found online when they’re looking for answers.

Generic, easy content doesn’t work. Stop struggling to convert generic traffic, and let’s bring prospects to your website that are ready to buy.


One of my most important differentiators from other digital marketing professionals is my robust experience in market positioning. I apply it to my SEO work by offering keyword research that is strongly focused around buyer intent… something rarely done.

Instead of doing basic keyword research like most SEOs, where it’s a few hours of leveraging a tool to pull keywords, I invest a major amount of time segmenting out the keyword phrases that define my client’s audience – the words they search that shows they’re actively looking to make a purchase. They’re invested and a hot lead.

For one client, it was the difference between a site optimized for “windows” versus “how to buy new home windows.” The first was a generic reference to an industry, and a search term someone could use to find information on Microsoft® Windows®, car windows, home windows, what is a window, DIY window installation… anything. The second, longer keyword phrase clearly signifies a homeowner looking to replace their windows. Not repair broken glass, or replace just one window, but replace all the windows in their home. It’s exactly what that window installation client needed – a customer researching what to buy.

For second recent client, it was the difference between optimizing keywords they assumed were correct – MPI software, which to them meant “master patient index software” versus something more targeted. With research, MPI proved to be a commonly used acronym for another industry: “message passing interface,” a term used by computer programmers. It was also the acronym for an event planners organization. If we had integrated SEO for that term, it would have attracted all three audiences, damaging their ability to convert. By substituting “master patient index software, “master patient index vendors” and other more targeted terms that more specifically fit their audience, we kept their SEO on track to bring in potential buyers.

What a difference that extra focus brought to both clients! It was gratifying, and just one reason I’m so passionate about what I do. My experience helps clients define the correct audience, for maximum performance of their content and SEO.

If you’re spending more on content and SEO this year, but seeing less success, why wouldn’t you invest in making them more targeted and relevant?

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I work with medium to enterprise sized companies that are not finding success with their current agency, or have a monthly budget of $4,500 and up for their content marketing and search engine optimization.

SEO-based content marketing services are offered exclusively on a retainer basis; content marketing strategy, content editorial calendars, buyer intent keyword research, on-page SEO and website development are offered on a project fee basis. PPC advertising and social media are only available to retainer clients.