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Public Relations in Arizona

Public Relations is difficult and it has massively changed in the last few years.

As a published author on the topic, I know what I’m talking about. I’m one of the most progressive public relations professionals in Arizona.

I’m talented at pitching media, uncovering stories and offering a fully integrated Digital PR approach that blends traditional public relations with SEO, content marketing and social media to maximize your online presence.


PR is different now.

Traditional public relations is changing, yes, but some things remain the same. Media relations.

Because editors and reporters focus almost exclusively on their current deadline, being in the right place at the right time to meet their need is critical. Perfect timing and dogged persistence are a must.

Equally critical skills I offer:

  • Knowing what media need almost before a looming deadline hits their radar.
  • Giving editors ready-to-run copy that fits their tone, their style and their readership.
  • Understanding which publications are pay-for-play and which are not.
  • Helping make media’s job easier through expert assistance, resources and communication.
  • Thinking ahead for crisis management and prevention.
  • Coaching key leadership before every interview.
  • Monitoring the tools media uses to request and find resources.
  • Monitoring reputation and brand mentions.

It doesn’t stop there.

Successful PR takes more than diligently paying attention to details. Knowing how to sort news from non-news, and knowing how to MAKE news where it didn’t exist before… THAT’S where talent comes in. You can perfectly time your follow-up with an editor, but if your story idea doesn’t resonate with the publication’s style and have an interesting, newsworthy spin – then your time is wasted.

I know the difference – with the kind of expertise that can only be gained through significant experience. Let’s talk, and I’ll prove it.

Who am I? 

My experience in public relations spans more than 25 years for agency and corporate communications. I’m the author of the two-time award winning book on digital PR, Above The Noise (Motivational Press. 2016) and a Masterclass instructor. I was a co-moderator of the largest local Facebook group for PR professionals in the country for eight years. I was also the founder and moderator of #PRprochat – one of the industry’s largest and longest-running Twitter chats for public relations professionals that reached upward of three million timelines each month until it shut down in 2016.

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