Here are the rules.

  • I only blog about digital PR topics – earned media and some types of owned media only, never paid media. We cover content marketing, PR, SEO and social media. Glance over my blog to see the topics I cover.
  • I’m a blogger, not a journalist, so don’t send me a press release. EVER.
  • I don’t accept sponsored content or payment for backlinks.
  • Guest posts are extraordinarily rare because this is a single author blog. You only have a shot if your post is excellent, relevant and you are part of my community.
  • All links within a guest post are nofollow, unless we decide otherwise.
  • You must be a PR professional to submit for our PR Pro Showcase. No exceptions.
  • I don’t respond to emails that don’t follow these guidelines.


  • No product review pitches. We don’t do that. We also don’t “give feedback” on software tools, plug-ins or apps unless hired to do so.
  • Don’t follow up asking why I haven’t responded. Just because you email me an unsolicited pitch does not mean I owe you a response.
  • Have a question or challenge related to digital PR? Ask me!!! Odds are good it will become a post. Your question is probably everyone’s question.
  • Feel free to send me new post ideas with a quote and/or helpful resources to include, but don’t expect me to add something to a post already written.
  • If you pitch me badly – or very, very well – it’s extremely likely to end up showcased in a blog post for Rock The Pitch. Your sending it gives me permission to use it as I see fit, right? Right.
  • Don’t ask me for a favor if you aren’t already part of my community in some way.  
  • Do not pitch me a “similar article” or infographic, asking for a link to be added. I will not respond. even if it’s relevant.
  • Don’t ask me to share or write about something that is marketing-related but falls outside of digital PR.

Sound fair? We think so.