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The Link Between Content Curation and Trust

The tide is turning. We’re starting to talk less about the importance of content creation and social media, and more about how these impact customer experience, trust and reputation. We’re transitioning from learning the basics and talking about features, to thinking about significance and the finer nuances of change.

We’re moving past the shock of a massively different PR environment and the disruption that caused, into acceptance and leveraging it to bloom in visibility. What was overwhelming and, for some even upsetting, is becoming normal and expected.

I love it!!

Is there still a segment of PR pros who stick to traditional tactics and avoid digital like someone with violent stomach flu? Of course, but companies are learning to differentiate those media relations specialists from professionals with digital experience, and the expertise to integrate traditional with new.

Back in 2011 – a lifetime ago, right? – one of my favorite influencers stated “the more you share other people’s stuff, the more attention you receive.” (Chris Brogan)


It’s no longer quite that easy, is it? Sharing still helps you gain visibility, but it’s critical to understand the line between sharing and spamming, value and garbage. More isn’t better, targeted is better.

It’s important to think about how the things you are sharing build trust in you, or in the brand.

Are you blindly sharing? Or are you sharing in a way that connects relevant content to your target audience, helping them gain the knowledge THEY need for success?

The goal isn’t to just share other people’s stuff, it’s to do it in a way that helps you become a trusted source of expertise and information. A trusted source for a very specific thing.

So….. what’s your thing?

If you don’t know, neither will your audience.



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