A Modern, Sophisticated Approach
to Improving Conversion

keyword planner analyst services for brands and agencies
keyword planner analyst services for brands and agencies




Most brands & agencies need more

Tools like Keyword Planner, Moz and SEMrush aren’t enough on their own. They’re just tools.

The trick is finding someone who invests enough time to look closely, and has the skills to weed out generic keywords that won’t drive results, separate search intent from buyer intent, then apply it to a brand. A keyword analyst.

I help modern brands and agencies understand search patterns and buyer intent, build a keyword plan that is relevant, then apply that knowledge to their content marketing and/or SEO to improve conversion. It’s a detailed, extensive project, not a quick export from a keyword tool.

I typically work with someone in one of these three ways:

  • As a trusted, third-party strategic partner you’ve brought in to achieve the desired results. Client, agency and I work closely together (preferred).
  • As a referral partner and pass-through cost. Minimal or no agency participation.
  • Completely behind the scenes at an agency, helping them improve their client deliverables.  No client interaction.

The results of my custom keyword research can apply to on-page SEO, content creation or both. If you’re someone who produces content, knows the importance of SEO and wants stronger results, then custom keyword research can help.

An astounding 74% of brands
rate their overall level of content marketing success as…

If this is you, I can help.

Source: Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 B2B Research Report.

Custom keyword research specialist for brands looking to improve content marketing conversion and SEO

You are on the leadership or marketing team of a brand, struggling with conversion and ROI. You’re spending at least $5,000/mo on content marketing, and SEO is a priority.

Are we creating the right content?
How can we use that content to push them into a sales funnel?
Are we optimizing the best possible keywords, and are they specific enough?
Can we bring in a more relevant audience so they’re easier to convert?
Can we drop our PPC costs by improving relevancy?

You do not have a keyword analyst available, and if you have an internal SEO team, having a strategy to follow would substantially help their implementation for on-page work.

If you currently work with one or more agencies, you are not satisfied with their results. You might be confident in their SEO skills, but not the keywords their work leverages, and/or the content topics they’re using.

You want a specialist with strong analyst skills to help you understand your audience’s online search behavior as it specifically applies to each one of your products or services, and which specific keyword phrases and content topics would be most effective to use in your content creation and SEO.

An SEO-based content editorial calendar that’s tightly aligned with a client and buyer-intent would be immensely valuable, as would an on-page keyword plan. You can implement, but a strategy, coaching and implementation support is highly desirable.

Keyword analyst for agenciesYou’re the owner of a content marketing or website development agency, and your projects typically have budgets of at least $5,000/mo for content retainers and at least $30,000 per site for web development.

Modern tactics, conversion and client ROI are priorities.

You want to ensure the solutions you provide can stand up to the largest agencies you compete against, and satisfy even the most demanding clients.

You currently struggle with obtaining strong results, challenged with turnover due to client concerns that the content is too basic or not aligned with their audience, or you simply want to take your products to the next level of sophistication.

You may not provide on-page SEO, but if you do, it’s not resonating with clients and/or has conversion issues.

You value bringing in specialists, because client success comes first. The right partner to provide deep insight for targeting, relevancy and conversion would help you win larger clients, retain them longer and charge more money for your services.

You want a specialist with strong analyst skills to help you understand online search behavior as it specifically applies to each client (down to their individual products or services), who can work with both agency and client to define which specific keyword phrases and content topics are most effective.


Blogging, eBooks, video, social media, SEO—it’s much easier to create effective inbound marketing when you have insight into what your audience is looking for online and what they need to make a purchase decision, and you know exactly what keyword phrases to avoid, since they bring in generic traffic.

This is my area of specialty. I’m a keyword analyst who provides deep custom keyword research that is aligned with buyer intent.

Unlike typical keyword research that takes just a few hours using Google Keyword Planner or a simple keyword search tool, and doesn’t dive deep enough to impact conversion – my process can easily span 30-60 hours, and is designed to include a level of analysis and critical thinking skills that can massively change conversion and revenue.

It’s based on data and decades of experience, not assumptions or guesswork.