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Learn Insanely Awesome Copywriting Skills Through Osmosis

Well, not really – but you’ll be amazed what kind of magical wizardry your copywriting skills suddenly gain, just by glancing over these three SlideShare decks.

Really. Take a look.

If they don’t inspire you, I’ll eat my socks.

1. The 10 Best Copywriting Formulas for Social Media Headlines from Buffer


2. The secret psychology of persuasive copy (Conversion Conference – Las Vegas 2015) from Nathalie Nahai


3. 17 Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts: How To Write Persuasive Content from Henneke Duistermaat

I don’t think I’ll lose this deal, but if  I do have to eat my socks, perchance, they’ll be the ones made of fruit leather. Cherry fruit leather.

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Seattle. Rain really can wreak havoc on fruit leather.

On a more serious note – what skill is more useful in marketing than having a talent for writing? Social media, content marketing, PR – it’s essential, no matter what role you fill or how many years you have (or don’t have) under your belt. It’s certainly one of those skills worth improving, perhaps even deserving of an hour or so a week.

If you aren’t constantly writing (and improving your writing) during your day job, I highly recommend using long-form posts on LinkedIn and blogging for your personal brand as a FANTASTIC way to grow your writing skills. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.)



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