This Book Just Might COMPLETELY Change Your Business

Above the Noise

Above The Noise Now Available For Purchase

I deeply believe this book will help you. Why? Because so many business owners–even marketing communications and public relations professionals–are investing time and resources into online marketing that simply doesn’t produce results.

They’re completely lost with zero online visibility. Or, almost worse, they’re visible to the WRONG AUDIENCE.

Their public relations efforts are wasted.

Above The Noise is designed to help you  find brand clarity, attach that clarity to your marketing  and profoundly improve your results through organic efforts, not advertising. It will help you build trust and reputation with the right audience, and help your message be found when they are looking for it.

Did I say it’s also an entertaining read, with two GREAT case studies at the end? One large brand and one small brand, both showcasing their digital integration efforts and what has worked for them.



My Why

I’m passionate about helping people. Even as a child, I was a teacher – and into my twenties as a horse trainer and riding instructor. It’s a big part of who I am, and I suspect this book is the first of many. It was actually two years in the making – given that I fired my first publisher and agent, scrapping Digital Haystack and starting over with a fresh idea. So I’m very proud to FINALLY announce my book is now in bookstores and available for purchase.

If you like the writing style in my blog, I promise you’ll like the style of the book.

Endorsed by four of the TOP MARKETING influencers in America, I deeply believe it can help anyone. Business owner, entrepreneur, author, senior marketer or PR professional, there are powerful tips in Above The Noise that you might not know or think to apply a certain way.

It WILL HELP YOU be more visible online – it might even revolutionize your business.


Jay Baer endorses Above The Noise
One of my favorite parts of the book is the animal theme. From the image on the cover to the horse- and dog-industry brands showcased at the end, I enjoyed revolving the industry theme around animals in a way that doesn’t take over the book. It’s not intended for just that industry, but it is fun.

This book trailer is a bit outdated, intended for pre-launch this last summer, but it speaks to what the book is about very nicely.


I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate that some truly generous colleagues have endorsed the book. They’re the kind of influencers that I dream of becoming. From Jay Baer and Ann Handley to Chris Brogan, and a wonderful foreword by Gini Dietrich, the book has collected support and praise for the ideas presented.

Please. Grab a copy today, then leave me feedback on Amazon. I’d appreciate your support and help deeply. I’m already thinking about book number two, and honest reviews of the first one will make #2 even better.

With gratitude,


Editorial Reviews

Above the Noise is the owners’ manual for the modern PR professional.
Sound, specific and imminently useful, you’ll refer back to this book over and over again.”

– Jay Baer,

New York Times best-selling author of Youtility

“The digital side of public relations and trust above that are vital. Carrie Morgan gives you a lot to think about, and even more to implement.
Dig in, and get ready for your next level.”

– Chris Brogan,
author of Trust Agents, CEO Owner Media Group

“If you are looking to be more visible to and more authentically credible with those you want to do business with, Carrie Morgan’s lovely book contains your prescription.”
– Ann Handley,
CCO of MarketingProfs and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everybody Writes

“An effective antidote for Content Shock, Carrie’s integrated, digital vision will help your business cut through the noise and become the signal.”

– Mark Schaefer,
author of The Content Code