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custom keyword research for brands and agencies
custom keyword research for brands and agencies



Discover what your competitors don’t know—the impact of keyword analysis with buyer-intent. It does amazing things for relevancy and conversion.

Discover what your competitors don’t know—the impact of keyword analysis with buyer-intent. It does amazing things for relevancy and conversion.

How a keyword analysis with buyer-intent project works



We’ll connect over the phone to discuss the information needed for a custom proposal, and if keyword analysis with buyer-intent can help.

I’ll look at your content and website beforehand, so I come to our call prepared with some initial insight.

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If you need help selling the idea, we’re available for a video conference call to help you get team, leadership or client buy-in. It often takes just a quick discussion of what custom keyword research is, along with showing some examples and answering questions.

I’m happy to share how standard keyword research works in a typical SEO project, how custom keyword research from a keyword analyst is different, why it impacts both relevancy and conversion, what buyer intent is and why it matters, and how my approach will transform your digital marketing.

It does wonders for conversion of your content, and growing ROI for SEO. 

My approach dives into the heart of your customer to match their online search activity with your sales processes and desired outcomes. It’s an immersive approach that transforms thinking from production to outcomes, and has a huge impact on conversion.


Your price will depend on the number of keyword groupings we’ll be working on. Most companies require a minimum of ten. We’ll discuss this when we review the proposal together.

A detailed scope of work will be included, so you know exactly what you will receive.

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Once the proposal is approved, we’ll schedule a 90-minute discovery call with you and your team to discuss your products or services, target audience, content and website goals, and any other details impacting your new keyword strategy.

I’ll need to learn as much as possible about your customers and prospects, the lead generation process and your company. An agenda will be provided beforehand to help you determine who should be included in that meeting.

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After the discovery session, you’ll need to assign one point-of-contact that I’ll work with throughout the project. This person will be responsible for coordinating calls, sharing information, internal approval processes and obtaining collective feedback from internal stakeholders or clients involved in the project.

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An outline of the target audience, keyword groupings and other details determined during the discovery call will be provided for final approval before research commences.

You’ll also be asked to provide seed keywords for each grouping to give me a starting point to begin my research. This will be invaluable later, when we discuss jargon and acronyms, and address any conflicts between language used in messaging and content versus active keyword phrases an audience uses in their search behavior. 

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In our second video call, I’ll provide the initial findings of my research data, which we’ll review together.

It will identify exactly what keywords your audiences use to make a purchase decision and the exact phrases they search online. I’ll add insight for how certain keyword phrases signal intent to buy and which are ideal content topics to focus on, along with search volume indicators that show size of market, the terms your top three competitors are currently ranking for, and which ones bring in the most traffic.

You’ll know exactly how many people search for your product or service each month, which keyword phrases bring in the most traffic, which keywords are too specific to have traffic or that your target audience isn’t searching for online, and which keywords to avoid.

Your industry, your competitors, and each product or service you sell are researched independently, and we’ll review those results.

After this session ends, you’ll be provided a video of the meeting.  

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Next comes the most challenging part of the project. With every organization, there are gaps between corporate messaging, the language and jargon they prefer to use, and the keyword phrases their prospective customers actually use in their online activity. They don’t quite align.

This is where my experience comes into play the most, because we’ll collaborate until we’ve collectively decided on a final keyword plan that makes everyone happy. 

Using the findings from our last video call, we’ll work together to determine our final selection of keyword phrases for each grouping that we’ve worked on. 

It often includes in-depth discussions of buyer intent and your sales processes, as we eliminate keyword phrases that are too generic or without value, and hone in on the right target audience, and your high-value conversion opportunities.

This phase includes up to two rounds of edits, concluding with a formal sign-off approval process. 

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The third video conference is a presentation of the final report. We’ve taken time to align and refine the results from our last call, made up to two rounds of revisions to ensure it’s a perfect fit, and now I’m presenting the final keyword plan.

In the presentation session, you’ll be given the final deliverable in a cloud-based platform, which you can download as a PDF, along with the raw data from my research.

It will include our final list of your ideal keywords to target, how to use them, and any audience or sales insights that result from the work. It’s custom keyword research, with my extensive keyword analyst skills layered on top.

This session is packed with market insight into the search behavior and thoughts of your prospective customers. You’ll be provided a video link afterwards, which can be shared internally to those who missed the show.

It’s very enlightening and inspiring, and the insights shared may kickstart substantial shifts in your content and/or SEO strategy—even your website.  

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You have a custom keyword plan, ready for immediate use, and all the raw data you can handle. What’s next? Using my analyst background and 25+ years of experience to ensure you’re fully comfortable with the deliverable, and know its implications for moving forward.

If a content editorial calendar for your blog was part of the project, or a detailed plan for applying the keywords to your SEO and integrating them into your website, we’ll go over those deliverables now.

It’s the perfect time to ask any final questions. As always, you’ll be provided a video of the session, and access to all files presented or used in the project. 

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Absolutely.  Whether it’s auditing content and SEO, creating an editorial calendar or training your internal teams how to use the keywords, I’m happy to help you integrate the keyword research you’ve purchased for maximum impact.

After this project is complete, I offer ongoing support services through a flexible, pre-paid bundle of hours. Ask me for details!

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