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Excuse Me, But You Wearin’ My Shoes?

Storytelling for PR(AKA – Storytelling For Public Relations)

Tell stories with your brand.
Be visual.
Have a unique voice.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? But holy smokes, is it ever harder than it sounds!! Since most of us weren’t fiction authors in another life, or song writers who beautifully string words together that sing to the soul, it’s a bit more challenging.

But read on. I’m convinced it’s doable.

Storytelling with public relations isn’t just finding the right images, creating infographics and using a fab graphic designer. It’s about creating words that resonate. It’s about understanding your customer. Using words to inspire, captivate, even explode an emotional response. PUTTING YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES.

See if this gets your copywriting juices flowing…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll quickly have a post-it note on your monitor saying “It’s a beautiful day outside, but I CAN’T SEE IT.” (Watch the video to get this, Sherlock.)

A little storytelling for public relations test drive…

Try this.

Take the very last piece of content you created, then look at it with fresh eyes. Imagine you are the very person you want to grab by the throat and shake… using words, anyway. Someone that perfectly represents your target audience. Lean back in your chair, close your eyes and imagine.

You are that person. Think what they think, feel what they feel.

Now look at the last piece of content you created. (Staying in that other skin of your new alter ego.) Would it interest you? Is it a total snooze fest? Does it make you FEEL something?

If not, take a stab at rewriting it.

This other post on storytelling with Mark Hermann might inspire you even more.

After watching this video, I realized that I probably should rewrite my entire website. LOL. But that’s a good thing.


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