Digital PR

Full integration of online and offline digital PR

The tactics and strategies that fit under the public relations umbrella are shifting and expanding at a historical rate.

Content marketing. Social press releases. Brand journalism. Search-optimized press releases and byline articles. Guest blog posts. Pitching journalists on Twitter. Building social media influence, engagement and sharing.

Traditional PR and media relations suddenly aren’t enough – social media, content marketing and SEO are entering the fray as a vital part of the mix. Public relations suddenly requires multiple areas of expertise and capabilities, and professionals are having to absorb new skills daily.

Agencies and marketers are globally learning new skills as the industry changes.

Digital PR has emerged as the practice of integrating traditional public relations with content marketing, search and social media.


We help companies keep up by using today’s most powerful public relations tactics for optimal visibility, online and off.

Whether you need seasoned leadership to evaluate your strategy, team oversight and support, or full agency services you can trust to be current with the latest tactics and strategies – we are here for you.

We offer Digital PR on a retainer basis, with rates comparable to other top agencies.

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