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Digital Marketing Services in Arizona

As The Relevancy Specialist, every asset I create for a client is aligned with their specific target audience, and focused on bringing warm leads to their website.

From buyer intent keyword research service to full retainers designed to build a strong online presence, content relevancy and keyword relevancy drive outcomes that impact the bottom line.

Why struggle to convert generic traffic when you can bring prospects to a website that are already pre-qualified as interested?


Search Engine Optimization

What good is a fantastic article or website if it isn’t found by the right target audience?

SEO best practices are wrapped into everything I do, whether it’s a blog post, a website page, an infographic or a social media post.

I go the extra mile to understand what keywords are most used by your target audience, and craft content to match. This ensures you’re visible in ways that matter, not obscure searches that can’t drive significant volume to your website.

And if it’s a stand-alone SEO project? You’ll find my expertise in buyer intent-based keyword research leads the industry.

Content Marketing

Content CreationI’m an author who won two awards for writing with her very first book, so you can trust my copy requires minimal edits. I can turn on my storytelling skills in a heartbeat, too.

But here’s my biggest differentiator… I don’t just write content; I hand-craft articles specifically targeted to your customer’s needs and questions, while positioning your product or service to be the right answer.

I pull them to your website with SEO, then use content to improve conversion and lead generation.

Blogging at least once per week is included in every retainer I offer.

Public Relations Consultant

Public Relations

Nothing helps you land guest blog posts and press coverage on notable online publications like solid media pitching skills backed by creativity. It’s the difference between mass pitching a press release, versus reaching out to key media with tailored stories that fit their coverage goals… that happen to mesh with the latest press release or client priorities.

I have top-notch pitching skills, thanks to 25 years of public relations experience.

I know how to find opportunities, and I know how to land them.

This helps me craft a strong online presence for my clients, showcasing them where it matters most in their industry, and where relevant conversations happen. Plus, thanks to decades of work with search engine optimization, I always, always, always leverage each online placement as a rich backlink, too.

WordPress Website Development

It’s tough to master blogging and on-page SEO if you don’t know WordPress. I developed this website personally—along with the online course at and the robust CRM behind it that drives course delivery. These are great examples of my work.

From Active Campaign and Drip as CRMs, AccessAlly for online course delivery and management, Stealth Seminar webinars, Zapier integrations, Calendly and Appointlet for scheduling automations, and a host of other sophisticated solutions, they showcase my skills nicely.

Go ahead and test the speed of this site using Google Pagespeed Insights, too. You’ll see I can create a blazingly fast site, which matters deeply in today’s mobile-first environment. In today’s environment when most websites have distressingly low performance scores for mobile, it matters.

If you have a programmer, I play nice with others, but I’m also comfortable working on your website alone or creating a new site as a strong foundation before we begin building your online presence. Let’s talk about how I might help.

Wordpress Website Development

Branding & Market Positioning

Brand identity, market positioning and a compelling message are the foundation cornerstones of an online presence. Driving traffic and having people read content makes zero difference if it doesn’t speak to them, and match up your products or services with what they’re looking for.

Understanding these three areas are the reason some agencies fall flat in their efforts to grow online visibility for their client.

I get it, and will make sure these are in place before we begin our SEO, content marketing, public relations and website efforts.

It saves time and boosts ROI. Learn more here.

(I’m a pretty damn good storyteller, too.)

Social Media Integration

Social Media

Social media is an important part of my approach, and included in the work I do for every client.

I’ll help you leverage it to get more visibility, engagement and conversion

If I’m creating content, you can assume it will have a social media element to promote it. New content or a press release? It’s automatically shared on the appropriate social media platform, no need to ask. Need an engagement strategy or creative ideas to grow your visibility? I’m on it.

Just don’t ask me for a pre-scheduled calendar of posts. I’ll be the first to tell you it won’t work.

Other skills

What do my clients value the most? My focus on relevancy and targeting, because it helps all other tactics convert, so marketing dollars are spent more effectively. It doesn’t just fuel website traffic, it brings in the RIGHT website traffic.

It’s like having a chief marketing officer, a directer of marketing and a director of public relations rolled into one person. If needed, I’m able to direct other staff or personally manage online reviews, create a local SEO presence using Google products, strategize social media engagement, set up lead automations in a CRM, ensure leadership shines on LinkedIn, and manage public relations.

Feel free to use the chat or email icon at the top of every page if you’d like to talk about why this matters!


Are You a Potential Client?

I specialize in digital marketing to grow website traffic and build online visibility, taking only 1-2 clients on a retainer basis at any given time. I’m extremely selective in who I work with. The rest of my time is focused around deep custom keyword analysis with buyer-intent (my passion), my next book, my online masterclasses and the occasional WordPress website development or on-page SEO project (if time allows).

If you’re interested in chatting about your current marketing challenges to see if we might be a fit, or talking about my availability, then use the phone or email icon at the top of any page to reach me, or connect using one of the social media icons.

If you’re looking for non-digital tactics, such as media outreach or print advertising—or need support for a short-term PR or social media campaign, or distribution of a single press release—then I’m not a good fit. I also do not offer media relations, advertising or social media services on a stand-alone basis, although they are often integrated into a larger, more comprehensive digital retainer.

In keeping with my experience and quality of work, my fees are in line with top quality agencies, not freelance pricing.

Self-funded startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses who can’t afford a fairly large monthly retainer on a long-term basis are typically not a good fit for my services.