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Content Marketing in Phoenix, AZ

Be easily found at just the right moment.

Can an award-winning writer with 25 years of marketing and strategy experience help you dominate your industry?

My name is Carrie Morgan, and I’m one of the leading content marketing consultants in Arizona. If you need an effective blog that targets the right audience, answers the right questions and converts visitors into something useful—such as revenue or email subscribers—let’s chat.

Content marketing turns you into a journalist for your own company or brand, and it’s one of the most SEO-friendly tactics available.

Instead of pushy interruption tactics heavy on promotion, or hoping media will pick up a story you’ve pitched, it allows you to pull in targeted prospects by giving answers to their questions as they evaluate their options.

I’m particularly strong in creating a content marketing strategy, and publishing a balance of SEO-based content that is keyword rich while focusing on buyer intent. What is your target audience specifically looking for online to further their purchase decision?

I create that, then optimize the 💩 out of it.

What makes this work?

It’s all about targeting.

When you combine the right publication, website or blog with the right message tailored to the right target audience, magic happens.

Content marketing helps you get found by the people who matter most to your business.

After all, being visible isn’t just about being found… it’s about being found at just the right point in the sales cycle. Being found BEFORE the decision is made, then influencing that decision.

Content marketing is about the prospective customer, not the brand, and it lets them be in control of the process. If you don’t have content or they can’t find it, then you aren’t part of their decision process.

Who am I?

My name is Carrie Morgan – one of Arizona’s leading content marketing experts. I’m an award-winning author, an educator who trains others in best practice techniques, a digital consultant for 10 years and a marketer for 25, and a curious learner who’s loved the interactive side of marketing since the early days of the internet.

I’m also a critical thinker who’s specialized in strategy for the last decade, which drives powerful results when combined with my integrated approach.

What sets me apart from cheap freelance writers?

My powerful background in SEO and public relations turns your content water pistol into an uzzi.

Because I focus on an integrated mix of digital tactics, backed by 25 years of marketing and strategy experience, I know how to find out what your prospects are searching for online, then create content that speaks to their need. I can land guest blog post opportunities and pitch online media effectively, and promote the published content to grow reach.

Plus, because I’m an award-winning author, you can be confident the quality of your content is high. It’s compelling and it resonates.

My integrated approach

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