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Before you hire SEO services, every CEO & CMO should know this

There are three basic types of search engine optimization services, and anyone spending money on SEO should be familiar with these differences.

Understanding them helps you know how to hire the right kind of SEO talent, be it agency, freelance or employee. It also helps you more accurately define their true level of experience, and identify what kind of conversion and ROI to expect from the dollars you spend.

It also might help you avoid joining the discouragingly high percent of companies dissatisfied with their SEO, bouncing from one provider to another.

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PR Pro Showcase: Michelle Garrett

One of my favorite things about my Twitter chat, #PRprochat, is that it brings smart new people into the spotlight, giving them a chance to shine and make new connections.

One of those people is a wonderful PR pro out of Columbus, Ohio: Michelle Garrett, who consistently joins the chat and contributes in wonderful ways with her knowledge. (Check out her contributions to our most recent chat, with fabulous guest Ann Handley!) She’s there to learn and share, and she makes the chat a richer experience for all of us. 

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PR Pro Showcase: Shonali Burke

If you don’t know Shonali, she is a PR consultant and incredible PR educator on the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University (she teaches at Rutgers University, too!).

Shonali just launched a brand spankin’ new program called Social PR Launchpad go check it out or see the image below for details. It’s completely free and sounds pretty terrific!

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How to Repurpose a Press Release

What is the difference between repurposed content and copied content?
How can PR pros make use of it to expand coverage?
What are a few ways to repurpose a press release?

These were just a few of the topics we touched on during a recent #PRprochat Twitter chat –  let me go into a little more detail.

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Are Poor Media Lists Due to Inexperience or a Lack of Time?

This video is part of the #PRprochat video series, where we explore one question from the most recent #PRprochat Twitter chat, and dive into more detail. This week’s video is from the June chat, discussing if the blame for poor media lists lies with inexperience or lack of time, and what to do about it.

Are We Confusing Press Release Distribution Lists with Media Pitch Lists?

This video is part of the #PRprochat video series, where we explore one question from the most recent #PRprochat Twitter chat, and dive into more detail. This week’s video is about whether we are mistakenly using press release distribution lists for pitching… Here we go!


Hey, it’s Carrie Morgan at Rock the Status Quo and we’re tackling one question today from this month’s Twitter chat. The hashtag for that is #PRProChat. It’s first Thursdays of every month at 3 o’clock Eastern Standard Time and I really hope you join us, because we have some absolutely incredible guests and of course, yours truly is on it, too. So we’d love to see you there and chat with you.

So, this week’s question is ‘Are we confusing press release distribution lists with pitching lists?’

And I think we are, absolutely. I think PR pros, especially if they have less experience, they’re an intern, they’re a newbie, whatever, tend to build one media list and use it for everything, and frankly that does not work anymore. I don’t know if it ever did, it’s something that before public relations was quite as sophisticated as it is today it was something easy to do, but really today, our journalists deserve us doing them the right way, following the best practices, and that isn’t building one massive list and shotgunning every press release, every pitch out to that massive list.

That’s terrible, that’s bad for your reputation.

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Who is Responsible for Quality When Building a Media List?

When it comes to pitching media or sending out a press release, WHO is just as important as HOW. So who’s responsible for quality of the list? For learning and following best practices when building a media list? Is it the person building a media list or their agency/supervisor?

Here’s my take on those questions.

(#PRprochat is a Twitter chat for PR and marketing professionals on first Thursdays at 3pm EST.)

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Say Hello to the New RSQ

Percy the Rock the Status Quo peacock

… and Percy!

We have a new look to our website – more fun, more information, more feathers and more lovely white space!

If you haven’t seen the site since it went live yesterday, head over and check it out! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here are a few quick screen captures, along with our new business card design, but go check out our home page at to surf through the full website.


[metaslider id=8246]


… Perhaps best of all, we’d like to introduce Mr. Percy Plume, our mascot. What better symbol than a peacock to stand for all things bright and beautiful, right? The ultimate in being noticeable!

Which is exactly what we do for our clients – we make them more vibrant and visible online.

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