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The Link Between Content Curation and Trust

The tide is turning. We’re starting to talk less about the importance of content creation and social media, and more about how these impact customer experience, trust and reputation. We’re transitioning from learning the basics and talking about features, to thinking about significance and the finer nuances of change.

We’re moving past the shock of a massively different PR environment and the disruption that caused, into acceptance and leveraging it to bloom in visibility. What was overwhelming and, for some even upsetting, is becoming normal and expected.

I love it!!

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Troll Control: Fabulous Tips From Five Experts

Every community manager worries about trolls. Potential risk, how to respond in a way that minimizes damage or–in a best case scenario–boost reputation when a troll jumps into a conversation…

When you aren’t sure what to do, decision trees can make the decision simple. This one from Kuno Creative is pretty ingenious. 

Trust & Reputation

Getting Your #Youtility Ducks in a Row…

Transforming push tactics to value-based is necessary, but hard. REALLY hard.

It takes time, patience and the ability to upsell management on the idea of marketing by giving away your expertise…. here’s the kicker…. without expectations of anything immediately measurable.

Giving without promotion, without fast results, without pretty pie charts and sexy numbers showing ROI to the c-suite when you need another bump up to your budget to pay for it.

Last week’s #PRprochat had the fantastic Jay Baer as our guest.  He had a few tidbits to share with public relations professionals on how to line up our ducks in a row, when it comes to content marketing and providing value, instead of pushing our own agendas.