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Is Pinterest Right For Your Brand?

Are You Pinteresting?Here’s How To Decide If You’re Pinteresting Enough.

As a digital PR pro, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest – and many companies underestimate how powerful it is. Even digital agencies and digital PR pros! It has an ability to showcase your brand and message that can be extraordinarily powerful.

With over 70 million users, 2.5 billion page views monthly, an average time spent of 14 minutes and 9 million users who connect their Pinterest account to Facebook – it is FAR more robust than most marketers realize.

Interestingly enough, only 20% of the content pinned is original, meaning 80% of all activity is re-pins.

It also has incredible abilities to drive faster SEO results than any other social media platform, except Google+ (Naturally! Google loves their own products.). I have a pinboard currently ranking #1 on Google for localized SEO  after trying unsuccessfully to do it for over a year organically on my website.

Here’s how to rank well on Pinterest – it’s surprisingly easy.

Given the site is only 3 years old, many companies are still struggling with how to use Pinterest and unsure if it is a good fit for their marketing strategies.

If you are undecided, here are a few “rules of thumb” to use.

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Understanding Content Curation & How It Applies to Social Media

Understanding Content CurationImagine this. You’re the editor of a newspaper…. but you work on an island in the middle of the South Pacific. No internet access to help with research. No team of reporters. Not even a phone, smart or otherwise.

Just a naked desk, stuck in the middle of an empty beach.

Forget about what happens when your laptop battery dies, where to get a decent cup of coffee to get your creative juices flowing or how to get paid without advertisers or subscribers.

How can you possibly create a newspaper?! Write about where the crabs scuttling across the sand are headed? Do a trends piece about the tides coming and going? Without outside stimulus to keep things interesting and newsworthy, your newspaper is bound to get very dreary, very quickly.

Social media and brand journalism are no different. Without a blend of outside information to keep things lively and timely, it gets predictable, boring and ineffective FAST.

Enter content curation.

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The Secret SEO Weapon That (Almost) Nobody Else Is Using: Pinterest

Photo credit: Jurgen Appelo

Pinterest + SEO = heaven. And for those of you who say using hashtags on Pinterest is a waste of time…  Pishhhaw, I say!

I tried for quite a while to rank well organically for “az seo” – a term every SEO pro in the State of Arizona uses, which also has a lot of garbage grandfathered in. Not only is it highly competitive, but instead of competing against inexperienced optimization tactics – you are competing with the best who really know to rank. It’s tough… But thanks to Pinterest, I’m now listed in #3 position on page one.

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Halt The Virtual Press! Social Media Crisis Control

Social Media Crisis ControlCrisis control in the age of social media is a topic that’s easy to ignore for many… until disaster strikes.  What many companies don’t realize is how FAST it can spiral out of control – and it can come from an internal source, just as easily as external.

Quote - social media and crisis control

It was well-said by @gerardcorbett in a recent #PRprochat – “There is no control in a crisis. There is only truth, honesty and doing the right thing.”

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LinkedIn For Brands: Get Better Results From Your Company Page

LinkedIn for BrandsNEW SLIDESHARE POST on LinkedIn for brands!

Want your LinkedIn page to generate more page views – and generate leads?

The trick lies in taking advantage of the wonderful free tools LinkedIn has to offer – and they DON’T require a paid upgrade! A company page offers far more opportunity than most  realize; even large and enterprise-sized companies often aren’t taking advantage of them. There’s no reason small companies can’t leverage these same resources!

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The Impact of Social Media on Journalism & Newsrooms

Impact of social media on newsrooms and journalistsAnyone in public relations or journalism would have trouble challenging the statement that social media has delivered massive, unprecedented changes across all forms of media (and every publication still in existence). Its impact on the very foundation of how newsrooms operate has been monumental.

According to CBS News Anchor & Reporter Sean McLaughlin, the changes not only impact the gathering and production of news, but also job responsibilities across the newsroom – nay, across the entire organization.


During last week’s #PRprochat, we were lucky enough to have McLaughlin as our guest. Here’s what he had to share…

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The Blog Editorial Calendar: Taking Your Client’s Blog From Blah to Incredible

Client Blog Editorial CalendarsWith the exception of corporate blogs that do little more than pickups of its press releases and product promos – blogging is hard. VERY hard.

It’s all about tempting visitors to subscribe through GREAT content.

Not only do you have to understand your target audience and write posts that connect their needs to your client’s product or service, but you have to write A LOT.

Especially if content marketing is a priority and your goal is one-to-three posts per week.

Many people simply conjure up a post idea when they are ready to sit down and write – clients and PR pros alike – but I’d like to share a better strategy that will amplify the level of your posts. It involves something you probably already work with on a regular basis –  the editorial calendar.

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Nip Social Media Blunders in the Bud: The Social Media Audit

The Social Media AuditAs a marketing professional, it’s easy to be too close to what you are doing. To lose sight of the forest for the trees….

Social media is no different – especially for an agency.

Whether you handle a clients’ social media or not, it is your responsibility to occasionally audit your clients’ social presence to ensure they are following best practices.

If the client is NOT a retainer client, it is a fantastic opportunity to provide value, remind clients that you offer services OTHER than what they currently use, and even upsell a new service or project. If you already maintain their social media presence, then an audit just makes you look that much more ON TOP OF YOUR GAME. It helps you view the client with fresh eyes, re-evaluate your social and content strategy, and rejuvenate activity.

A social media audit can be done one of two ways:

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