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Snack on This: Clarity

One of the areas I focus on frequently with my clients is clarity: clarity of message, clarity of metrics and ROI, clarity for why we use a certain platform or tool, and clarity of mission.

It doesn’t just apply to clients – it applies to how I run my own business as a digital PR consultantcy. (Is that a real word? Spell check doesn’t seem to think so.) 
It even applies to me personally, in terms of clarity around what kind of life I want to create, and why I do the things I do.
Sometimes we run so hard and so fast that we don’t give ourselves time to think – and thinking makes a hell of a difference. (tweet this) After all, we’re creatives or we wouldn’t be in the industry we are in, right?

How can we be transparent and authentic if we don’t have clarity?

And without clarity, how can we possibly rock the status quo? We wouldn’t even be able to identify exactly what that status quo is, and what audience we are targeting.