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Fill Your Slow-Moving PR Pipeline Pitching Vertical Markets

I have a local bank client that just started working with me in September. In Arizona, most business publications run their finance issues in November and December; therefore, I expected a frenzy of pitching immediately, followed by a lull.

That dreaded lull. That gap between editorial placements where your client starts questioning value of the PR retainer, even asking, “What have you done for me this month?” Or, in the case of more difficult clients, “… in the last five minutes?” 

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Adding Playlists to a Blog Post? HOW FUN!

Using musica embed code in content marketingLet’s try an experiment… Click the > button on the playlist below, then pop back up and read this blog post while it plays.

Sure, reading keeps your eyes and brain busy…. but what about your ears?

Sensory branding is an emerging marketing tactic that helps create emotion using more than just one sense – it creates an emotional reaction that is linked to that brand. It doesn’t have to mean adding scent to a direct mail piece that people inhale when opening the envelope or handling out tchotchkes they can hold in their hands – it can also include audio.

And who doesn’t love music? Everyone does.

Like a jingle in a commercial that sticks in your mind, audio can be powerful.

Adding a playlist to a piece of content probably isn’t exactly what some have in mind when they think of sensory branding… but why not? It’s fun! And I think it’s a teeny tiny bit outside of the box, maybe?

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Snack on This: What Does Success Look Like?

What does PR Success Look Like?I’ve changed my views on success over the last year – from money and influence to mindfulness and surrounding myself with what makes me happy. I’ve made a concerted effort to have a life instead of living for work.

Ironically enough, that’s when all the best things started happening.

I started to find myself again – rediscovering what I am passionate about, what fuels my energy, how I can help my teenagers grow into the amazing adults they are becoming, how to BE MORE POSITIVE and live in the moment.

I redecorated my living room to be beautiful and it makes me happy every time I’m in it. I picked up a few hobbies. I started hanging out with  friends instead of letting my introverted nature push me into my cave. I quit focusing on my children so hard and set them free. I’m still a helicopter parent, but I’m improving.

It’s been an interesting experiment.

Whenever you ask someone how they are doing, do you hear, “I’m really busy!” or “I’ve been working insanely hard lately!!”?

It seems like a universal answer that everyone gives. Are we measuring how successful we are in life by how BUSY we are?

It’s not the same thing. It’s not a badge of honor, either; it’s a gigantic red flag waving in our faces that everyone ignores.

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Snack on This: Work/Life Balance

One of my favorite books this year was “The One” by Gary Keller. It puts forward the idea that work/life balance is a myth and that focus is the surprisingly simple truth behind achieving extraordinary results.

I agree.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy and appreciate both, but that it doesn’t take a 50/50 balance to be happy. If you are working on something you are passionate about, you are much happier even when that balance is heavily skewed in favor of work, instead of life – but it’s also critical to channel that passion into a single-minded focus that allows amazing things to happen.

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