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Six Essential Steps YOU MUST DO Before Pitching a Blogger

Rock The Pitch #14
A pitch hit my inbox yesterday from a writer. It wasn’t a bad pitch, just mediocre, but it did have obvious signs that the person sending the pitch didn’t do his basic homework before pitching.

These are very, very common mistakes and worth talking about.

If a new step only adds minutes to your pitch process, but helps you land two out of three pitches instead of one out of twenty, isn’t that worth the extra minutes?

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Blogger Pitch Smackdown: SEO Linkbuilders vs. PR Pros

The Differences in Pitch Style & Purpose Are Helpful to Understand
I love PR, I love SEO and I really love how well they intersect to grow client reach and conversion.

So when pitch samples hit my desk for my bad pitch column, Rock The Pitch, or I get pitched myself as a blogger, I know instantly where it’s coming from: a PR professional, a business owner/entrepreneur or someone trying to get an SEO backlink.

How that pitch is written can be VERY revealing. Motives are similar – a chance to publish a guest post or article – but many tend to follow an all-too-common, copy and paste template that reveals their true purpose behind the pitch.
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I believe this is less about PR pros and more about WHO ELSE sends pitches. It’s not a practice exclusive to public relations specialists like it used to be.

Why do I write about backlink pitches in a PR blog? Because journalists complain about the quality of a pitch and attribute it to lazy PR pros when it isn’t actually coming from a PR professional (not that we don’t screw up, too), and PR pros scorn pitches on their client blogs mentioning money or compensation.

Both criticize or laugh about how bad the pitch is, without realizing where it’s coming from or the motivator behind it.

Rock The Pitch

Example of a Stellar Media Pitch

Rock The Pitch #13
This critique has nothing to do with bad luck. It’s ALL GOOD, baby!!

Thanks and a shout out to Marlene Srdic, editor of Life Refined magazine and a fashion/beauty blogger at StyleSizzle, for sending this to me. Here’s what she said…
Hi Carrie,

Took a quick peek through my email and remembered this pitch, which turned into a 6-page feature in Life Refined magazine.

She immediately gave me the “Why” as well as a deeper story possibility other than just talking about the exhibit in a 250-word blurb. The lead time was well in advance which magazines always need and there are gorgeous photo options included as well.

I ended up running a full feature on Neil Lane in the magazine and also wrote a smaller piece for another outlet I freelance for.

Hope that helps!

Holy. cow. How rare is it to get that kind of feature spread? I’m envious.

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Rock The Pitch #12: Seriously, Why Would I Bother?

Today’s Rock The Pitch submission comes from a beauty blogger in Phoenix, AZ, and she makes a great point when she says, “I recieve a ton of bad pitches, unfortunately. This one is really vague and begs the question, WHY would I do this?”

You’ll see what she means in a moment.
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It comes from a very well-known floral brand.
From: <name redacted>
Subject: Happy Brunch Season!
Date: April 4, 2014 at 5:46:42 AM MST
To:<editor email removed>

Hi there,

Spring is finally here! The sun is shining and flowers are blooming, but here at <name removed> we are finding ourselves most excited about one thing: the start of brunch season!

We’ve put together a few checklist items for the ultimate brunch event. Now we want to know what makes your perfect brunch. We’d love for you to create a post telling us your best brunch tip: whether it’s a recipe, an outfit, or just your own favorite must haves to make your brunch the best in town.

You can check out our post here: <link URL removed>

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy brunching,

<name removed>
This pitch has two issues that are far, far too common and I’m guessing you might already know what they are.

1. It isn’t relevant to the topic of the blog. Why would a BEAUTY editor be interested in covering what she likes about brunches? Clearly the person sending the pitch either didn’t take time to do their homework or hoped the blogger might fall in love with the topic SO much they stray outside of their actual category and write something completely outside of it. Hmm. Right.

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Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you are spending time with family and loved ones, or doing something that brings you joy and/or peace.

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