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Should You be Measuring Conversion & Customer Acquisition Costs?

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Transcript: Companies who are tracking conversion—and able to identify their customer acquisition costs for specific marketing tactics where they’re investing their marketing dollars—are much more likely to be the ones who leave their competitors in the dust, grabbing marketshare because they’re in tune with what they’re spending, and they’re able to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work.

And that essentially is what marketing is all about: to grow a company successfully and create revenue. You’ve got to know what works.

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Zero Moment of Truth – Why Do Customers Buy?

Thanks to an April 1st post on Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert blog, I landed upon Google’s latest free eBook – “Zero Moment of Truth” on the “new” mental model of marketing.

A fantastic read, the free book focuses on how marketing has made a fundamental shift since social media entered the scene. Until social media hit mainstream, consumers were hit by stimulus (advertising, direct mail, etc.), followed by their first buying decision when they see the product on the shelf (the first moment of truth), then  hit with a second moment of truth during the experience of using the product.

Now? Consumer buying cycles have changed – people leverage online reviews and research before making a buying decision, they rely on smartphones while they shop, and multiple pieces of information (10.4 sources) converge into a single moment of decision.

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