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Using Pinterest & Secret Pinboards For Media Pitching

Pinterest for Public Relations“I’m pitching media at major market television networks.  The competition is stiff. How can I stand out from all the off-topic, snooze-worthy pitches that glut the producer’s inbox every day?”

When trying to land media coverage, packaging a story with the right visuals can make all the difference. People are more visual than ever before and media need budget-friendly resources to help their story catch attention. When choosing between one story with visuals and one without – all things being equal – the story WITH THEM will land the spot.

But what’s an effective way to do this? You can’t put an attachment on your email without having it go straight to the junk folder.

Try Pinterest.

Because it offers both public and private pinboards, Pinterest can be incredibly useful. Even if you don’t have a robust presence on the platform. 

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How To Blog When You Don’t Have One

How to blog when you don't have a blogGuest blogging to the rescue!!

One of the most powerful editorial tools we have as PR professionals is writing and placing guest blog posts on behalf of our clients or employer. And you don’t need a blog of your own to do it.

I’ve been running into one specific misunderstanding about blogging over and over this month – and I think it’s especially important to clarify.

When I talk about guest blogging, I’ve had multiple people chime in to say “oh, but I don’t have a blog.

You don’t need to have your own blog to write for other blogs.

Zip. Zilch. Not a single post.  You don’t even need any blogging experience. If you can write, you can do it. 

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Press Release Headlines – Does Length Really Matter?

Are Your Press Release Headlines Too Long?When it comes to a press release, headlines are everything.

  • It determines whether or not a journalist will consider the press release newsworthy and worth reading.
  • It drives social sharing (or discourages it), based on the topic and how compelling it is.
  • It impacts click-through rates on search engines, depending how well-written it is.
  • It has a huge impact on search visibility (SEO), if keywords or phrases are integrated correctly.

Not only should it be well-written, compelling and seeded with a keyword or phrase – low on hype, please – but length matters more than most realize. Here are a few quick guidelines to keep in mind.

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If You Give a PR Pro a Pancake…..

If You Give a PR Pro a PancakeIt’s the Post-Turkey Apocalypse. My fridge is exploding with left-overs and all I can think about is food.  Soooo…. in honor of my poorly abused stomach, here goes a fun (albeit silly) little bedtime tale.

It’s a spoof related to If You Give A Pig A Pancake. Blame it on the holidays!

If You Give a PR Pro A Pancake…

She won’t take a single bite. She’ll ask if the pancake is special.

Is it gluten-free? Are the blueberries from a one-of-a-kind bush planted in honor of National Blueberry Day? Was it made with a new-to-market spatula? From locally sourced seasonal ingredients?

After all, it’s not just a pancake. It’s a potential NEWS STORY!! An epic digital PR opportunity!

You’ll explain how it’s unique, then she’ll ask to speak to the chef. 

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How to Choose the Best Blog Syndication or Guest Post Opportunities

Apples to Oranges: Guest Blog Post SyndicationThere’s a lot to love about having your posts syndicated. More visibility. More reach. More traffic. More influence. More social sharing.

Same goes for writing guest blog posts – if content marketing is your strategy, mastering website selection for where to place that content is essential. Otherwise, you’ll be creating content, but not results.

If you are a public relations professional, post syndication and guest posting are absolutely critical tools in building digital influence for your clients.

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Sprinkles or Frosting? Dress Up Your Content Cupcake With These 12 Fantastic Blog Plug-Ins.

Content CupcakeWithout plug-ins, a blog is a simple vanilla cupcake.

No frosting. No sprinkles. No glorious fudge center that makes your taste buds explode in joy.  Your nice looking theme makes a pretty paper wrapper, but that’s it. It’s like content cake sitting alone, in desperate need of TLC to make it delicious and irresistible. Readers won’t love it and clients won’t love it.

But with plug-ins!? You can do glorious things, all at the click of an “activate” button.

What are plug-ins? Small pieces of code that adds new functionality to your blog. Want to add SEO? Use a plug-in. Allow people to sign up for a newsletter? Plug-in. Send anyone that leaves a comment for the first time a quick thank you email? You got it, a plug-in.

Free blogs do not allow use of plug-ins, you must have a self-hosted blog. Use of plug-ins are best suited to intermediate to advanced WordPress users, not beginners, due to the customization most of them require.

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Facebook Brand Page Case Study: It Ain’t So Ruff For Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery Facebook Case StudyFacebook pages are difficult. VERY difficult. If you are trying to grow your page organically without paid ad support, it’s like trying to pull a watermelon through a keyhole with a crochet hook.

three-dog-post-sampleWhen I come across a brand page doing a particularly great job, it’s worth taking notice… especially when their great work goes largely unrecognized.  One page I admire consistently is Three Dog Bakery. Their content is fun, it clearly understands their dog lover target market, they are light-handed with promotion and sales, and they consistently post ORIGINAL content – something many of us struggle with.

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The Best Kept Secret: The PR Industry Is Exploding With Beginners.

Every Expert Starts Out as a BeginnerA good friend of mine made a comment yesterday that shocked me, but then, after thinking about it, IT TOTALLY MADE SENSE.

Our industry overflows with beginners and “experts” with entry-level skills.

Every week, she told me – journalism,  public relations and marketing pros reach out to her privately asking for help on social media, completely embarrassed and ashamed about their lack of skills. They were overwhelmed with all of the information out there and had no idea where to start. Clients (or employers) were asking for their help but they didn’t have the skills yet.

Is this you? You’re not alone. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you might be shocked to find out you are NOT in the minority. It seems to be one of our industry’s best kept secrets.

But it is time to start learning. Your clients need your help.

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When The Foo Shits… & Other Thoughts On Blogging For PR Best Practices

Blogging for PR Best PracticesBecause she was creative, my mom liked to do things in…. well, interesting ways. So instead of growing up with “Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Snow White,” I grew up with “Rindercella and the Deven Swarfs” and “Whoe Snight.”

Sadly, I inherited her tendency. I even tried out for a high school play as a freshmen telling the entire story of Rindercella. And with a straight face. Oh, the embarrassment of it…

The occasional word still sneaks out today with the letters mixed around, usually unintentional and often with interesting timing. Like, oh say, a new client meeting? Whoops. Thanks, mom.

So today, because I’m feeling just a bit snarky and missing my mom, my post topic is along the same lines. If the foo shits – the shoe fits – WEAR IT(Does this count as swearing? It shouldn’t, right? It’s just a little letter switcheroo. Please don’t be offended.) 

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25 Best Digital Marketing Take-Aways & Tweets From #BOLO2013

BOLO 2013Whew. If you were at the BOLO Digital Marketing Conference in Scottsdale two weeks ago at the Valley Ho, you’ve probably just barely recovered from three days of learning and networking.

Intended to focus around online marketing and agency “must know” information, the three-day conference was packed with agency suits and some VERY smart people.

Didn’t attend? See the Isebox folder of presentations, videos and images here.

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