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Can I use the first paragraph of my blog post as the meta description?

I get asked questions about SEO on Quora every day, so I try to answer the ones most relevant to keyword research or on-page SEO, since those are my areas of focus. Since it’s a common one, I thought this one in particular might be helpful to share. “Is it okay to copy and paste the first sentence of my blog post or page, or the first paragraph, and use it as my meta description?”

Yes, but only if you keep certain things in mind.

Don’t do it as a lazy way to get around writing it, but instead, use it as a starting point. You want to end up with a meta description that includes your priority keyword (or keyword phrase) for that page, does not exceed the maximum number of characters Google can show when it uses that meta description in search results – but most importantly, tells the person who searched that keyword what information they get if they click on that link. Does it help solve their problem, or give them the answer they are looking for?

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