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“ABOVE THE NOISE: Creating Trust, Value & Reputation Online Using Basic Digital PR” Live on Amazon

Jay Baer endorses Above The Noise

It’s live. IT’S FINALLY LIVE. My book page is up on Amazon for pre-sales, with a publication date of January 27th. I’m so excited!!

If you’re interested in building trust and reputation online (including two GREAT case studies from two of my very favorite pet brands), reserve your copy today. 

Don’t worry – if the price goes down before the mail date due to a launch promotion, you’ll get the book for the lower price. Amazon guarantees it.

What’s the Book About?

Above The Noise is about understanding what creates trust and reputation, connecting those things to your brand, then applying that clarity to maximize your visibility online.

LACK OF CLARITY is a major reason we don’t succeed.

You’ll learn incredibly valuable tactics any beginner-to-intermediate marketer, business owner or entrepreneur can quickly master, resulting in:

  • Stronger brand clarity – if you don’t understand the benefits and audience appeal of your product or service, why should anyone else?
  • Define a niche you can influence and dominate
  • Create consistent messaging wrapped into every aspect of your online presence
  • Learn the importance of monitoring and creating trust signals
  • Form a habit of content creation
  • Integrate basic SEO tactics for your website, blog and social media
  • Amplify visibility through fast, easy images and repurposed content
  • Curate content on social media to show expertise and provide value
  • Be more authentic, to build a loyal audience, and
  • Join conversations that fit your audience/brand

It’s not just about building visibility: it’s about building it with the audience most likely to buy your product or service, and building trust and reputation in a way that influences them to purchase (or subscribe, or click).

It’s about mindful, meaningful visibility and rising above competition who AREN’T doing these things.

It’s a powerhouse of actionable, real advice that doesn’t require a doctorate or massive budgets to implement… all for just twenty bucks.

Won’t you reserve a copy today?

Your Book Bonus

Over the holiday break, I’ll be working on a free bonus for readers called “Helium: The Digital Storybook,” but you must have a copy of the actual book in hand to download it!

I’m not sure exactly what the bonus will include, but I can promise you this: it’s intended to help you create lift for your brand and complement tactics in the book, so you can rise above the noise online. I’m hoping to have a little fun with it, but not quite sure what that will translate into for the end product. Fingers crossed you love it!

Book Endorsements

So what do Jay, Chris, Ann and Mark have to say about Above The Noise? They were very generous with their time, feedback and support, and I’m incredibly grateful to them.

Chris Brogan testimonial for Above The Noise

Here’s a sneak peek at what Chris Brogan has to say, but click here to read ALL of their endorsements.


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