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How to Amplify PR with 5 Minutes of Keyword Research

Transform Your Blog into a SEO MachineIf you are a public relations professional, don’t underestimate the power of learning SEO. Not only can you optimize every press release you put out the door and amplify the SEO impact of you (or your client’s) social media efforts, but you’ll be surprised at the value of keyword research.

Consider this: you secured a byline opportunity for your client in one of their leading industry publications. HOW MUCH MORE POWERFUL would that placement be if you were able to write it about a trending topic that was highly searched for online last month, then optimize that byline to show up in search results?

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Driving Social Media Success

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to business pages on Facebook, forethought goes a long way. This is equally important for small AND large businesses.

Don’t just launch your page and randomly post.

A company that:

(1) defines the audience they want to target,

(2) understands their needs/wants and pain points, then

(3) fits their posts and content towards these things


to end up with a more engaged audience, and a MUCH more interesting page.

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Shopping Has Fundamentally Changed – Has Your Marketing Kept Pace?

Changes in consumer shoppingThe last time I bought a toaster oven, it was a fifteen-minute experience. I headed over to Target, picked out one that I liked, and brought it home.

I wanted a toaster oven large enough to cook a casserole dish, which left me with only two choices. I went for the most attractive one,  since it would be sitting on my counter.

Pretty simple decision.

I had to replace it this week and – like anyone that owns a smartphone or tablet, and is active on social media – it was a VERY different shopping experience than before.

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Social Media Optimization Tips – SEO for Facebook

Want to optimize your Facebook page? Here’s how, in a nice little primer from gShift Labs called the “Facebook SEO Guide.”

There are a few points that I strongly disagree with though, so here goes…

1. “There’s no reason why you can’t have more than one business Facebook Page. If you have other branded or unbranded keyword phrases that you want to claim, then you should, as long as you can efficiently and consistently manage the content for those pages.”

I am totally against creating social media pages that simply cater to specific keywords. While optimizing your social media is great, your content and reason for participating should focus on meaningful conversation, not rankings.

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Media Relations: 5 Mistakes Even The PR Pros Make in Pitching Media

Public relations isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things you can do to improve the odds of coverage. Sometimes even the pros forget to stick to the basics that work, and make shortcuts that hurt their results. Here are five things that should be done every time – whether you are an in-house PR liaison, or if you juggle multiple accounts for an agency.

1. Know the publication and editor/reporter you are pitching. Take time to read a few issues of the magazine, watch a few shows or listen to the radio. Understand the format of the publication or media channel, and be familiar with who their readers are. Look at the editorial calendar to be familiar with upcoming issue topics and see their demographics. This helps you be on target with your pitch, so the spin on your story fits their audience. It also ensures you don’t pitch a story on a topic they just ran. After all, timing is very important.

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Zero Moment of Truth – Why Do Customers Buy?

Thanks to an April 1st post on Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert blog, I landed upon Google’s latest free eBook – “Zero Moment of Truth” on the “new” mental model of marketing.

A fantastic read, the free book focuses on how marketing has made a fundamental shift since social media entered the scene. Until social media hit mainstream, consumers were hit by stimulus (advertising, direct mail, etc.), followed by their first buying decision when they see the product on the shelf (the first moment of truth), then  hit with a second moment of truth during the experience of using the product.

Now? Consumer buying cycles have changed – people leverage online reviews and research before making a buying decision, they rely on smartphones while they shop, and multiple pieces of information (10.4 sources) converge into a single moment of decision.

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