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Why keywords are often overlooked in website development

Wondering why keywords are often overlooked in website development? Even if the on-page SEO is a fairly reasonable slice of the budget, keyword research gets a microscopic slice of that pie. It’s lucky to be one or two percent… yet it determines who comes to that very expensive new website, and at what point in their online search behavior cycle.

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Love your website leads

How much do keywords matter?

Carrie tackles the question, “Just how much do keywords matter?” Well, only if you want to bring in leads that are pre-qualified before they ever hit the website by virtue of the search query they were using.  Just think what that does to conversion!

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Content must be relevant AND useful to succeed

I found some interesting stats today from a study of 100,000 people done by Content Science. According to their results, content must be relevant and useful to be successful. It’s not enough to create one or the other; it must be both.

The survey also points out that broad articles or thought leadership content just doesn’t cut it.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If content doesn’t help them accomplish their goal, why would it accomplish ours? It won’t convert.

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How to create or edit the right-hand sidebar on Google

This free Google tool is indispensable for every PR pro

Digital tactics can be intimidating, but there is one essential tool from Google that every PR professional should be familiar with. It generates that amazing sidebar on the right side of a Google search when using a desktop, and the top of a Google search on mobile.

It’s called the knowledge panel.

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