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Smart companies take control of their online presence with a hands-on, proactive approach.

Less successful companies let it happen by default.

Which one are you?

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Digital PR

How to create or edit the right-hand sidebar on Google

This free Google tool is indispensable for every PR pro
Digital tactics can be intimidating, but there is one essential tool from Google that every PR professional should be familiar with. It generates that amazing sidebar on the right side of a Google search when using a desktop (above), and the top of a Google search on mobile.

It’s called the knowledge panel.

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Public Relations

Pitching For New PR Pros: The Magic Is In Understanding Who, Not Just How

Building a list, figuring out who (and how many) contacts to pitch at each outlet… these questions are challenging for PR pros with little media relations experience or training. Reaching out to the wrong people make the entire pitch fall flat like yesterday’s can of Diet Pepsi.


The results are in: SEO is a top priority for PR professionals in 2019

Did you take my 2019 survey to determine how SEO-savvy public relations professionals are, and if their professional priorities align with brand priorities? Keep reading. The results are in. 

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SURVEY: Just how SEO-savvy is the public relations industry?

Are you in public relations? If so, please take a moment to help me explore how our PR industry feels about SEO and our ability to integrate SEO with the content we create.

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I’m working on a rebranding

It will replace my agency and book websites, combining all of that great content into one. Stay tuned for the launch!

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Digital PR Snack on This

Your Awesome Content Is Useless, Until…

One of the things I love most about the combination of content marketing with search engine optimization (SEO) is how beautifully they work in concert together. It amplifies the content and, if the keyword research phase is done correctly, puts that content squarely in front of exactly the right audience at exactly the right time.

Why invest in content if nobody sees it?

link between content and conversion
Content Marketing

The Link Between Content & Conversion


I’ve been deeply interested in conversion for quite some time, and watching how different types of content helps or hurts conversion for each client is a fascinating thing.

Because I focus on the integration of content with SEO and social media, I am lucky enough to see the entire spectrum from creation to ROI – something many marketers don’t get to do as an agency. They create and post, then pass the baton to the client.


SEO isn’t a silver bullet, but using it to identify buyer intent and bring in the right audience absolutely is.

Public Relations

If Storytelling “Comes Naturally,” Why Is It So Hard?

Storytelling intrigues me.

Man has loved to tell–and hear–stories from our earliest days, gathered together over a flickering fire as night falls… “Storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity,” according to this article on the history of storytelling.

I believe it.