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Best of #PRprochat Launched on SlideShare

Because they’re packed with so much valuable knowledge, we’re doing something new with our Twitter chats to give you a fast, easy read. We’re repurposing our favorite tweets –the smartest ones–into a short, simple “Best of #PRprochat” summary

There are a few tweaks and improvements still happening, but I thought I’d share one with you. It has some wonderful tips and best practices related to influencer PR, so check it out below.

Our goal is to take each transcript from our fast-moving chat, which can be overwhelming, and condense it into a single presentation that can be embedded, shared or commented on. Each month, the newest “Best of” summary will be posted a week or so after the live chat event, plus we’ll be catching up on past chats as quickly as possible.

We won’t be emailing each new presentation deck out to subscribers, since volume will be high as we catch up, but you can follow us on SlideShare, LinkedIn or Twitter to catch announcements of any new uploads.

If you’d like to see an entire chat transcript, instead of a summary, it’s published on our website immediately following each Twitter chat. You can view the most recent one or surf through all of them right here.

Starting with our recent Influencer PR chat with PR Daily’s Beki Winchel, here’s the very first one.

We think it’s the start of something fantastic, but let us know what you think!

Click here to see more on SlideShare.


REMINDER: The March Twitter chat is this Thursday, March 3rd at 3pm EST!! Don’t miss “Agency Growth Hacks & Best Practices” with guest Stephen Waddington, Ketchum PR. It’s going to be fabulous!



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