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25 Best Digital Marketing Take-Aways & Tweets From #BOLO2013

BOLO 2013Whew. If you were at the BOLO Digital Marketing Conference in Scottsdale two weeks ago at the Valley Ho, you’ve probably just barely recovered from three days of learning and networking.

Intended to focus around online marketing and agency “must know” information, the three-day conference was packed with agency suits and some VERY smart people.

Didn’t attend? See the Isebox folder of presentations, videos and images here.

But I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when the reality of the event smacked up against my expectations (admittedly high, I know).

A few presentations blew me away – most notably Gareth Key, Patricia Korth-Mcdonnell and Robb High – but it wasn’t three days of mind boggling brilliance that I had hoped for. The wonderful Agencyside conference staff didn’t let us down, but some of the speakers sure did.

Instead of educational presentations that left me inspired and itching to get back to my office to try out what I had learned, more than a third of them were an assortment of thinly disguised product or service pitches, poorly targeted information and lukewarm content that was far from cutting edge.  Snooze….. Hoping they put considerably more brain power into it next year, if they are back…  

But those grumbles aside, some fantastic thoughts came out of the presentations that DID resonate with me.

Here they are.

My Top 25 Favorite Ideas From BOLO 2013

1. “It’s not about having thousand-person teams, it’s about truly motivated, passionate teams.” ~ Tim Malbon (@malbonster), Made By Many


2. “Starbucks spends more money training a barista than agencies spend training their people.” ~ Gareth Kay (@garethkay, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

3. “Most people could care less if 80% of brands disappeared tomorrow.” ~ @garethkay

4. “Less than half of digital marketers feel highly proficient in digital marketing.” ~ Nick Roshon (@nickroshon), Covario

5. “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” ~ Dan Zelikman (@mentalpez), Mentalpez

6. Identify your advocates by asking how likely are you to recommend? Those answering 9 or 10 are your advocates.” ~ Ron Fuggetta (@ronfuggetta), Zuberance

7. “Create quality, happy experiences for customers.” ~ @danzelikman

8. “Technology is a creative palette – you paint with it to impact purchasing and lead to an outcome.” ~ Judy Shapir0 (@judyshapiro), engageSimply

9. “Why people do what they do is critical for marketers to understand. Data tells us the what, but not the why.” ~ Susan Baier (@susanbaier), Audience Audit

10. “We hire only really opinionated people, but based on evidence, not ego.” ~ @malbonster

11. “Don’t let process kill creativity.” ~ @danzelikman

12. “Creative doesn’t win new agency business, it comes down to whether they like and trust you.” ~ Robb High (@RobbHigh), Robb High Associates

13. “If you aren’t doing something difficult, uncomfortable and crazy, you are probably doing the wrong thing.” ~ @garethkay

14. “Don’t start with what a customer wants to sell. Start with what customers want, and work backwards from there.” ~ @garethkay

15. “Stop being competitive, lose that mindset and start being creative.” ~ Steven Picanza (@Picanza), Experiences For Mankind


16. “Give them a reason online to think about your brand offline.” ~ Steph Parker (@stephparker), Hill Holiday

17. “Community Managers should focus on five buckets: content planning, reporting, moderation, content creation and trend research.” ~ @stephparker

18. “Let us be in no doubt, now is the time to be radical. People care less about brands than they ever have in the past.”  ~ @garethkay

19. “Listen. You can learn as much from your haters as your lovers. ” ~ @robfuggetta

20. “Publishing is not the point – build relationships with those who read what you publish.” ~ Shane Snow (@shanesnow), Contently

21. “Our job as an agency isn’t to understand their brand… It’s to understand that brand’s audience.” ~ Brian Clark (@gmdclark), CMD Studios

22. “Social media is not just a pissing contest for likes, shares or comments. At some point, you have to mobilize the audience to actually DO something. ” ~ @stephparker

23. “The best way to make good work is to make a lot of bad work. Fail quickly.” ~ @gmdclark

24. “Teach your team to be brutally honest and the best ideas will win.” ~ Patricia Korth-Mcdonnell (@IAMPKM), Huge LA (amazing speaker – my favorite from the entire conference)

And on a closing note….

25. “Pinterest knows what you are passionate about – Facebook and Google can’t do that.” ~ Jennifer Cario (@jennifercario), SugarSpun Marketing

  (Disclosure: I was provided a free ticket to this event by @agencyside)


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