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Top Quality AZ SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

All Arizona providers of SEO services aren’t alike and I put a much stronger focus on the research phase than most. I also work closely with my clients to ensure the keywords we leverage are the ones most likely to  bring in traffic that’s targeted and ready to buy.

Called buyer intent, I ensure the keywords we’re using for each page are ones most likely to be traffic actively engaged in doing the kind of due diligence that leads to a purchase. They’re focused on information they need to make a purchase.

I’m also one of few SEO providers that encourages clients to have a specific conversion goal for each page.

If you’re frustrated with a website that isn’t ranking the way you expect on search engines, lacking website traffic that is targeted to the right audience, confused why your blog under-performs, or looking to grow traffic and visibility of your brand, I can help.

Assets you own, not rent

I provide SEO on a retainer basis leveraging assets you own, not rented landing pages and directories that evaporate if you decide to leave.

Leveraging an integrated mix of content marketing, SEO, public relations and social media tactics, the results are fast and built to last. If you’re searching for a comprehensive online visibility solution, then read on…

If you’re looking for standalone SEO project services, such as backlink acquisition, disavowals, repair or reputation management to bury negative SEO, then I’m not a fit for you. I also don’t handle bulk SEO for e-commerce sites.

I closely align my services with Google Webmaster Best Practice Guidelines for SEO. Exclusively using white hat SEO tactics, you’ll get solidly researched keywords, well-written content and straight talk about what it realistically takes to rank well in your specific industry or category.

You WON’T get penalties, sneaky black hat tactics, keyword guesswork and assumptions, or barely readable copy.

Sometimes this means it takes a bit longer to get results, but they are sticky results that last, instead of fast wins that evaporate before you have a chance to enjoy the traffic boost it brings.

How I build a strong foundation

AZ SEO process

Deep Experience

I combine technical savvy with solid experience and a deep understanding of how search works.

My results come from writing (and optimizing) great copy, and helping corporations consistently integrate their internet marketing efforts across all of their online assets.

You aren’t hiring a web programmer who doesn’t truly understand SEO, a copywriter with no technical experience, or someone who will spam your URL to dozens of low quality directories. I focus on producing fantastic copy that is optimized well, while incorporating Google’s best practices to help that content rank well.

I also do in-depth keyword research that most other agencies never do, taking time to understand your audience and confirm exactly which specific keywords will bring them to your website. I don’t want to bring traffic to your website or content, I want TARGETED TRAFFIC of high-quality leads that converts into something useful.

I care about good technique. Even if you don’t use my services, I’m happy to help you understand what to look for in a SEO vendor, or take a quick look at your website to see if it’s implemented correctly. Just ask!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Phoenix, Arizona

Hello, I’m Carrie Morgan – one of Arizona’s leading digital marketers.

I’m an award-winning author, an educator who trains agencies and other marketing professionals in best practice techniques, a digital consultant for 11 years and a marketer for 25, and a curious learner who’s loved the interactive side of marketing since the early days of the internet.

I’ve also specialized in brand strategy for the last decade, which drives powerful results when combined with my integrated approach.

Search Engine Optimization Services

On-page SEO

SEO for New or Refreshed Websites
Detailed SEO Audits
Custom Keyword Research
Keyword Integration
Voice Optimization
Content Development
Architecture Changes
Page Title/Description Integration
Schema & Knowledge Graph
Image Optimization
Repair of Broken SEO

Off-page SEO

Content Marketing
Custom Keyword Research
Blog Management & Editorial Oversight
Guest Blog Pitching & Posts
LinkedIn Publisher Platform (Long-Form Posts)
Online Editorial Placements (eZines, news sites, etc.)
Wire Service Optimization
Google My Business

Local SEO

Google Maps
Google My Business
Customer Review Campaigns
Directory Listings
Google Knowledge Graph & Schema
Facebook Open Graph
Moz Local
Yoast Local

Content Development

Website Content Development
SEO Editorial Services
Rewriting Copy to be More Compelling
Keyword Integration
Schema Integration
Keyword-Specific Page and Landing Page Content
Keyword-based Market Research
Assistance with Targeting or Market Positioning

SEO Audits

Implementation audit
Did your agency or SEO do it correctly?
Is it customized for each page?
Are images optimized?
Are the keywords correct for your target audience?
Does it use one targeted, high-volume keyword per page?
Will the keywords bring in the right kind of leads?
Does each page have its own meta tags (page title and description)?
Is the page content relevant to the SEO?
How does your site compare to the competition?
Does your site need fresh content or new pages?
What is missing?


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