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Adding Playlists to a Blog Post? HOW FUN!

Using musica embed code in content marketingLet’s try an experiment… Click the > button on the playlist below, then pop back up and read this blog post while it plays.

Sure, reading keeps your eyes and brain busy…. but what about your ears?

Sensory branding is an emerging marketing tactic that helps create emotion using more than just one sense – it creates an emotional reaction that is linked to that brand. It doesn’t have to mean adding scent to a direct mail piece that people inhale when opening the envelope or handling out tchotchkes they can hold in their hands – it can also include audio.

And who doesn’t love music? Everyone does.

Like a jingle in a commercial that sticks in your mind, audio can be powerful.

Adding a playlist to a piece of content probably isn’t exactly what some have in mind when they think of sensory branding… but why not? It’s fun! And I think it’s a teeny tiny bit outside of the box, maybe?

Check out this interesting article on Advertising Age: Sensory Marketing is the Next Frontier in Mobile Advertising.

There’s a reason we add music to videos – it masks ambient noise, sure, but more importantly it sets the mood. Does it have to be just videos, though, and why just ONE SONG or jingle? I love the idea of adding playlists to blog posts, eBooks and other pieces of content that can deepen the experience and make the content more memorable.

My next eBook just might have a suggested playlist right there on the download page. Like the idea? I do!

Plus, using embed code that is freely offered by companies like Spotify is free – you don’t have to purchase licensing rights! Giving embed code is implied permission to use it, as long as you don’t modify it or sell the embed. It carries the provider’s branding and links right along with it, driving traffic back to them – which is exactly why they give it away.

Embed your heart out, baby!

I love how it isn’t automatically played, too, which can be extremely annoying. It’s just there. If you want to play it, go right ahead. If you don’t? That’s okay, too. It’s up to you. =)

Can you use audio embed code in a fun way to reinforce a brand message? Circle back and let me know if you try something.




My mood today…

Why such a mellow playlist? Because I’m trying to finish my book, Above The Noise. For some reason, this “coffeehouse” playlist helps me concentrate with no distractions. I’m not sure why, I just know it works. Thanks, Spotify. You helped me be more productive today.

(This is fun. Don’t be surprised if I do it again. )


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