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custom keyword research for brands and agencies
custom keyword research for brands and agencies



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About Carrie Morgan – a keyword analyst
who provides custom keyword research

My name is Carrie Morgan, and as a keyword analyst who provides custom keyword research to brands and agencies, I improve conversion for clients through content and keyword relevance. My experience with strategy, market positioning and targeting helps them transform content marketing, search engine optimization and other digital tactics into outcome-focused assets.

I’m all about combining custom keyword research with buyer intent, then using those findings to improve relevancy and conversion.


I’m a 25+ year veteran of agency and corporate marketing, with past clients that include American Express Financial, Fidelity National Title, Healthways, Sun Health, Keller Williams, Horizon Community Bank and the Better Business Bureau.


After 15 years as a marketing professional who specialized in digital marketing and public relations, including eight years in a variety of Vice President and senior leadership roles, I transitioned out of the corporate and agency environment to become a self-employed digital marketing consultant for the next 11 years. My area of specialty was helping clients integrate digital tactics (such as SEO and content marketing) into their traditional marketing and public relations efforts. 


In November of 2019, I decided to focus on a specific niche that included the things I’m most passionate about—keyword research and critical thinking skills—and how these can have a deep impact on digital marketing. 

I have a unique background of strategy, branding and public relations that directly benefits the service I provide, honed during many years of agency work. My talent for blending curiosity with critical thinking allows me to think objectively while questioning assumptions and evaluating a client’s business model and customer base… all essential components to create a strong keyword plan that delivers results. 

I’ve been an independent consultant since 2008 with a solid reputation for impressive work, proven expertise and a low maintenance manner. 


I am the author of a two-time, award-winning book, Above The Noise (Motivational Press. 2016) and a Masterclass instructor.

Until I stepped down in 2019, I was a co-moderator of the largest local Facebook group for PR professionals in the country for eight years running (@PhoenixPRPros). Today, I’m the founder of Modern Communicator, a peer-to-peer coaching environment for marketing, public relations and communications professionals, including events in the Phoenix metro area.

I’m past founder and moderator of #PRprochat – one of the industry’s largest and longest-running Twitter chats for public relations professionals that reached upward of three million timelines each month, with guests that included Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Gini Dietrich, Shonali Burke and other industry leaders. It was tremendously successful as a way to connect traditional PR professionals with digital skills they needed to learn, but I didn’t feel it was serving my industry the way I had hoped, so after three years, I shut it down in 2016.

I was honored to have a few of them write recommendations for my book, plus a foreword by Gini.


I am a past member of the Author’s Guild, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), American Marketing Agency (AMA) and Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA).

I’ve served locally in Arizona on the boards of directors for the Girls Rule Foundation, Environmental Fund For Arizona and the Green Chamber of Commerce, and volunteered for Beer For Brains Foundation in support of my father, who passed away in 2016 from glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer.  I also support the ALS Association, in memory of my brother, Matt, who passed away from the disease in 2019.


I’m a natural leader who makes decisions easily, reaches conclusions quickly, then acts on them. I have high standards for myself, and tend to focus on performance and results. 

I’m also a critical thinker who can objectively analyse or evaluate an issue, and sees the bigger picture.

How does this help you? I’m able to make complex decisions related to market positioning and audience targeting with unwavering conviction. I also address potential problems or obstacles immediately and decisively, so my clients are able to move forward with important decisions.



I’ve lived in Phoenix, Arizona, for 30 years now, but miss the lush, green woods of the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up (Seattle, right at the bottom of Capital Hill).  Maybe that’s why I love coffee and computers so much. 

I’m currently learning how to be an empty nester and consider it an opportunity for “Carrie 2.0.” We’ll see what happens.

I’m left-handed, a fraternal twin, an introvert, a voracious reader who likes to express my creative side through quilting, a single woman still looking for the love of my life, and I like to collect t-shirts from local coffee shops. Feel free to send me one. =)

I’m tremendously passionate about my work and my writing, and fiercely dedicated to my clients… but still trying to master the whole idea of “work-life balance.” Is it a myth?