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custom keyword research for brands and agencies
custom keyword research for brands and agencies



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Keyword data is everywhere.

“But who plows through 10,000 irrelevant junk keywords to find ten diamonds that drive impressive conversion?
Yeah, that would be me.”

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I’m the kind of woman who used the word “website heuristics analysis” when only a few dozen people on the planet knew what it meant. I’m big on critical thinking, client discovery, continuous learning and problem solving.

I’ve been knee-deep in the trenches of digital marketing since the internet began in the 90s. Today, I balance industry-leading agency tools with my decades of experience to define buyer-intent behavior, then help clients apply it.

A few of my favorite things...



I’ve always been curious, and relentlessly dedicated to solving challenges. I believe good marketing starts with data, not guesswork or assumptions. A company can spend tens of thousands of dollars on content and SEO, but if it’s based on the wrong keywords, it takes YEARS longer to get where they want to go.

It’s my personal pet peeve.

My name is Carrie Morgan, and as a keyword analyst who provides custom keyword research and analysis to brands and agencies, I improve conversion for clients through content and keyword relevance.

I have decades of experience with strategy, market positioning and targeting, along with digital marketing skills like SEO, content marketing, public relations and WordPress. This makes me uniquely positioned to help my clients understand their customers, then apply that knowledge to boost sales.

I’m tremendously passionate about my work and fiercely dedicated to client success. I’ve been self-employed successfully since 2008 and take great pride in the reputation I’ve built.


After living in Phoenix for 30 years, I found I still miss the lush, green woods of the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up (Seattle, right at the bottom of Capital Hill). Maybe that’s why I love coffee and computers so much. Anyway, in early 2023, I moved to the Nashville area. I’m located in Murfreesboro, TN, but work with clients all over the country.

I tend to speak my mind and am completely, utterly honest. Sometimes that comes back to bite me, but it usually just makes me a great consultant.

I’m left-handed, neurodivergent, a fraternal twin, an introvert, a voracious reader who is very proud of being a 2-time award-winning author, and outside of the office, I like to express my creative side designing quilts.

I like bourbon. I also collect t-shirts from local coffee shops wherever I go. Feel free to send me one. =)


I am the author of a two-time, award-winning book, Above The Noise (Motivational Press, 2016) and an SEO Masterclass instructor. 

A Top 1% influencer in PR and digital marketing, I was a contributing author for some of the largest publications in the industry, including Convince & Convert, Social Media Today, MarketingProfs and PR Daily, until I shifted my focus away from building influence (for the book) to just doing great work. My parents and brother passed away, and it realigned my priorities to a much more balanced lifestyle. I’m past founder and moderator of #PRprochat – one of the industry’s largest and longest-running Twitter chats for public relations professionals that reached upward of three million timelines each month, with guests that included Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Gini Dietrich, Shonali Burke, Danny Sullivan and other industry leaders. It was tremendously successful as a way to connect traditional PR professionals with digital skills they needed to learn, but I didn’t feel it was serving my industry the way I had hoped, so after three years, I shut it down in 2016.

Locally, until I stepped down in 2019, I was a co-moderator of @PhoenixPRPros, a collection of public relations pros and media in Arizona. I was instrumental in helping it grow to become the largest local Facebook group for PR professionals in the country, and I served as a moderator for eight years.  

Today, I’m in the midst of founding a local peer-to-peer coaching environment for marketing, public relations and communications professionals, including events in the Nashville metro area. News on that coming soon.

I’m also mulling over ideas for my second book, probably something about the intersection of SEO, UX (user experience) and generative AI (artificial intelligence). We’ll see. 


I’m a 25+ year veteran of agency and corporate marketing, with past clients that include American Express Financial, Fidelity National Title, Healthways, Sun Health, Keller Williams, Horizon Community Bank and the Better Business Bureau. I’ve worked at a half dozen agencies, too, including the work I do today to train their staff in digital tactics. 


After 15+ years as a marketing professional who specialized in digital marketing and public relations, including eight years in a variety of vice president and senior leadership roles, I transitioned out of the corporate and agency environment to become a self-employed digital marketing consultant in 2008. My area of specialty was helping clients integrate digital tactics (mostly SEO and content marketing) into their traditional marketing and public relations efforts.

This grew into a successful six-figure consultancy, but something was missing. I was frustrated. I wanted to make a bigger impact on their business.

I’d been fortunate enough to have client retainers that lasted 4-6 years—longer than normal agency attrition—but I felt like there was a tremendous gap in the market. Agencies were selling content and SEO services, but not investing enough time in the foundation keyword analysis needed for success.

It made my heart sick to watch companies invest fortunes in content marketing and SEO that didn’t work, and I realized that I knew exactly where they went wrong. I KNEW.

I could fix it, and the impact on their bottom line would be powerful.


So in November of 2019, I shifted gears. Instead of handling retainer clients, I began focusing on what I was most passionate about—keyword research and analysis—and how they can have a deep impact on digital marketing. 

I’m one of the few keyword analysts in the country available on a consultant basis. According to Google (as of 2023, anyways) and as far as I can tell… the only one. I help modern brands and agencies understand search patterns and buyer intent, build a keyword plan that is relevant, then apply that knowledge to their SEO and/or content marketing to improve conversion.

It can completely transform a website, or a content editorial calendar.

Click on the blue “Book a Call” Calendly widget in the bottom right corner if you’d like to chat about how I can help your business grow.


I tend to work way too hard, because I’m fiercely devoted to my clients. I am adamant about getting results.

Did I mention that I’m stubborn and a bit feisty?

I’m a natural leader who makes decisions easily, reaches conclusions quickly, then acts on them. I have high standards for myself and others, and tend to focus on performance and results. 

I’m also a critical thinker who can objectively analyze or evaluate an issue, and sees the bigger picture.

How does this help you? I’m able to make complex decisions related to market positioning and audience targeting with unwavering conviction. I also address potential problems or obstacles immediately and decisively, so my clients are able to move forward with important decisions. They like that.


I am a past member of the Author’s Guild, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), American Marketing Agency (AMA) and Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA).

I’ve served locally in Arizona on the boards of directors for the Girls Rule Foundation, Environmental Fund For Arizona and the Green Chamber of Commerce. I’m currently looking for a new board opportunity.

Also, I’ve volunteered for Beer For Brains Foundation in support of my father, who passed away in 2016 from glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer, and support the ALS Association in memory of my brother, Matt, who passed away in 2019. 

I’m currently looking for a Board of Directors opportunity in Nashville.