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5 Easy Ways To SEO Your Facebook Page

As Facebook has become the most popular social media site, Google has scrambled to find ways to include posts and pages in their rankings. Real-time search still has a long way to go, but there are a few easy ways to help optimize your social media presence.

1. Take full advantage of the “about” sidebar to include your most critical two or three keywords.
2. Also wrap those same keywords into your “info” page with supporting detail that makes them highly relevant.
3. Always, always, always tag your images and video with keywords.
4. Regularly post links in your stream that point to content relevant to your keywords. If your most critical keyword is “az luxury homes,” then make a point of regularly including that specific key phrase in your posts, and link to content that also uses those keywords.
5. When it is practical, always post a full URL when including links – don’t shorten them. To really powerhouse your SEO, post links that include your keywords.


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